Sunday, November 8, 2009

A quick Catch up!- November 8, 2009

Christy is doing fabulous! She is officially done with her formal PT therapy sessions at the rehab of the Pacific here in Pear City. Donald is her main man now and has taken over ALL of her exercises at home. He has always done a great job at supplementing her therapy before, and keeping Chris motivated! Christy has an elliptical machine at home. Christy is doing so great, she even wore some heals to Camryn's (Keli'i' & Hanae's daughter) first birthday party! We loved seeing her in a dress and heels! Christy hasn't used a walker in- I don't remember how long. Christy has been eating up a storm, and seems to keep her petite little girlish figure dispite grinding her beloved deserts!Christy is doing Hyperbaric therapy about once a week, and it seems to be helping with her coordination. Donald has been doing some research to find out what will be most beneficial to Christy as she continues to recover back to her old self ASAP! They will be seeing a natural path doctor as well, for some acupuncture and natural herbal therapies to supplement her medical therapies!
They continue to see the Rehab doctor, and a neurologist. They are going to see a neurosurgeon soon to check out something on one of Christy's recent MRIs. Christy has been having numbness and tingling on the right hand and forearm areas. They found a little spur on her neck, and are checking with the neuro surgeon to see if he recommends anything to be done about it.
Alan, Luis and three other friends/ co-workers, and Luis' sister are coming for thanksgiving to be at home for the holiday!! It will be Luis' first time here to Hawaii & he'll be able to experience our home!
Don't hesitate to call Chrsity or Donald, Christy would love to have a visit from any of her family and friends!!