Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hello everyone.... I really want to thank everyone who checks up on Christy daily and for the continual outpouring of love and prayers. The picture above is a big poster board brought in by her friends from Hawaiian Airlines at the Honolulu station! So sweet! She has drawings from the kids and a big beautiful handmade card from Kaeo's employees at Ko'olina Landscape & Maintenance! Angles, sculptures, framed pictures surround her and in her hand she holds a red handmade cross. Thank you for all bringing your love and treasured creations!
When I came in to the hospital today we (Donald, Tina, Kanani) were talking story with Christy & holding her hands. Christy's eyes were open (both of them, not just the left) and blinking. When Christy just opened her left eye, Tina would ask her to open up her right eye and she seemed to be trying. We're seeing more coordinated eye movements. Her eyes moved as if they were looking around. She is not tracking quite yet, but it I feel it's just a matter of time. We're still looking out for any progression in movement.... She was randomly pointing her left pointer finger during heavy stimulus today. And she started to pull her arm back towards her body to painful stimuli once today, too. Christy enjoyed the musical styling of John Mayer and Jason Mraz. We sang along on all the good parts, but we're not sure she enjoyed that! hee hee! We did some range of motion today, too. Range of motion is exercising the arms and legs so they don't get stiff staying in one position. Christy remained calm, coughing less today and maintained her blood pressure & heart rate in a good calm range. Christy seemed to know it was just us.... enjoying her. During this visit Christy enjoyed some pampering by the girls! Kanani brought her nail kit and painted her nails a pretty mauve color after Tina removed the old polish. They took turns holding the flashlight on each toe, to get it just perfect. Christy's room is usually dim to avoid constant stimulation and to aid healing. It was nice for all of us to be with her today, singing and loving her. I felt like it was healing for me.

There are little signs coming through to us everyday. When you go into her room and talk to her, watch her open her eyes, you can just feel her there with you. My mom does healing touch for Christy and has given her multiple treatments since day one. And when Mom came out of the room today after the treatment, she shared something with us that uplifted our spirits. She explained that the universe is the big energy field. She made an analogy and named the universe the "battery". She called herself the "cable". Being a healing touch practitioner does not mean you are a "healer" she explained. It just allows the practitioner to deliver the energy to the patient so they can heal their own body. The exciting part was that she felt Christy drawing the energy through her. Christy wanted more energy and was really pulling it down into herself. Christy can take all that energy and use it to heal herself. The body is an amazing thing.

There are many people emailing, calling and asking if there is anything we need, please let them know. There is one small thing that the family is asking of everyone. Every morning between 8:00- 8:05, if we can all collectively say a prayer for Christy- sending all of our love and blessing all at once. Christy normally wakes up at 08:00am each morning, so it would be a normal time for her to awake from her slumber! Our love and prayer is powerful in numbers and Christy needs all the love and good energy she can get to heal herself at this critical time. xo, Gabby


  1. We'll be praying for you Christy. We have been all along. We love you friend! Naomi & Ohana

  2. Sending all our LOVE & prayers to you all !!!
    The Gillis Ohana

  3. Aunty Christy,
    We keep you in our prayers. We hope to see you soon well and feeling much better. Your a very strong woman and you have such and amazing heart.
    Shyla, Alex, Kana‘i, Kawai, and Keao

  4. Gabby, thank you so much for your blog. It's like a great big hug comforting everyone with Christy right in the middle. I start everyday with a prayer for her. Ever morning I start my day thinking this will be the day she will wake up. Count on me for the 800-805am collective. Let's put this power to good use..

    San Diego

  5. Hey Christy, we are home and sending you as much positive energy as we can. At least with us back on the mainland, your brother can't read and explain bible passages to you.

    Gabby, we are so grateful for this blog and all of your time and energy. Big doggy kisses to everyone from us--love you,

    Teri Ann & Keith

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  7. Aloha from the Big Island and we would like to send our deepest prayers to the Huddy Ohana. We are praying for a fast recovery for christy daily. Thank you Gabby for the daily good news on Christy. Once again we send our deepest Prayers.
    Love & aloha
    Rodney,Tina,Brian,Kelii,Keaka,Kuulei & Kaeo

  8. Aloha Gabby,
    Thank you for updating on a daily basis. Before the blog site, information was passed on thru a friend. If she is as strong as you and your mom, her progress is no surprise to me. She has been in our prayers since day one, now we'll channel that at 8am every day. Sharing her situation with my wife and kids has open our eyes to life itself. How the little things sometimes are taking for granted. Once again, our prayer go out to christy, her kids and husband.
    Helping Hand