Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Hello everyone! Today I don't have the same huge amount of news for you as yesterday. Christy is still moving around almost constantly. She is receiving pain medications intermittently as she needs them. She's getting Lor-tab for pain medication , and it is administered down her feeding tube. It's the same thing as Vicodin. She's been on this for a couple days. No seizures- is what Christy's night nurse told me.

She said that Christy's secretions (mucus) from the trach (when suctioning the lungs) are minimal. That's good because the nurse 2 days ago the nurse told me that she was battling infection in her lungs and bladder. Christy has been on Antibiotics (currently- Bactrim) since she was in the ICU. The tubes and lines in her body, (she-she catheter, feeding tube, PICC line--IV access, trach) make her more susceptible to infection. These things are necessary for her care, but are still foreign bodies inside her. Every time they suction her lungs it has the potential to introduce some sort of bacteria from the outside environment. The nurses taking care of Christy have a lot of knowledge and practice in suctioning trachs, so that means they should have good technique while suctioning-- that's vital for preventing infection. They use sterile gloves, sterile suction catheter and they use a new kit every time to decrease the risk of infection. Christy has also allowed them to decrease her oxygen to 35% today. She was breathing 40% oxygen previously. Remember, we breathe about 21% in the air around us [20.95% to be exact!- i looked it up again! :)] So Christy is tolerating less and less help with her breathing. 35% is about the lowest amount of oxygen they would deliver till they switched her to room air, I think. So all is going well.

Kaeo and I are enjoying our quality time with Alan so much. Colorado is lovely... and it even snowed for us which makes it so much fun!

I'll be getting details soon about the "iheartchirsty" fundraiser and will relay them to you as I find out. So far, I heard the line up includes Natural Vibes, B.E.T., Mana'o Sons, & more..... wow! So stay tuned. I should be posting the official info tomorrow. Also, I'll let you know when tickets become available for purchase.

I also want to wish Mr. Kelsen Laboy (Christy's oldest) a happy happy 15th birthday today! He is a charming young man! Donald was able to hang out with the kids today.... they all deserve some QT with each other. Mom Gail spent the day with Christy & Donald and the kids came to visit this evening after the beach. Kelson chose to go to the beach for his birthday outing. Also, when I talked to Donald today, Dylan, soccer Champ, had already scored 4 goals.... and the game was not over yet!
Donald's been camped out at the hospital day and night, his sincere devotion & strength is impressive. Since I've been out of town, he's been doing a fabulous job at collecting all the information precisely and is getting all the medical terminology down. He's Christy's best advocate. Mom Gail has also spent a tremendous amount of time with Chris, insuring her safety, organizing behind the scenes, thinking, advocating, relaying information-- you name it. It's amazing how a mother remains the backbone of the family- no matter what. The strength of mind that allows her to endure pain & adversity with so much love & courage is admirable. I only hope to be as good of a mother as she is one day.

Last but not least, THANK YOU everyone who has emailed me, approached me in person, or commented on here to thank me for the daily updates on the blog. I know I haven't emailed each of you back, but please know that your kind words mean a lot to me. I'm so pleased to know that this blog is helping people who love Christy stay in touch and keep informed. I am more than happy to do this simple thing for Christy and the family. Please know that I truly appreciate the support that I've received in this position I've assumed as the communicator.

Until tomorrow's 8am prayer... much love xo, gabby

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  1. To Gabby:
    Yes, Yes, my dear girl, you have been a life saver to everyone involved or interested in Christy's recovery. We have never missed a day of your blogs. Last Tuesday, David and I went to Queens to see our cousins, Gail and Christy. We would like to come everyday, but know that is not possible for us. Also we know that Christy needs her rest to grow stronger each day.

    To Christy:
    Christy please keep up your marvelous recovery. It is not easy, but everyday it seems that you are better. You have a huge cheering section for you. You may not see each of us everyday, but our cheers are loud and I am sure they are being heard. Our prayers are quiet, but heartfelt, and I'm sure they are also being felt by you. Please know that we love you and care about you and also about your Mom, Gail.

    To Gail:
    Gail, my dear cousin, I know it's been hard, but you are the strongest person I know, and I commend you for it. Your strength will pass on to Christy and she will be stronger everyday because of you.

    To Donald:
    I know that we only met briefly last Tuesday, and we really don't know each other. However, I must thank you for constantly being there at Christy's side. I know that with your love and caring and the love of her Mom and the family, Christy can only get better. Thank you for being such a loving a caring husband to Christy.

    We love you all, and we pray for each of you daily.

    Hugs and Kisses, David and Gwen Bell