Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So I wanted to share with you a picture  of Christy's pedicure.  When I went to visit her  yesterday, Kanani had added a pretty flower design and some bling!! You can't really see the rhinestones in this picture but they are there. Christy has the sassiest toes in the hospital--hands down!

So the exciting news of the day is that Christy is completely off the ventilator (breathing machine).  She no longer needs the breathing machine to aid her.  She was taken off the breathing machine this morning around 9:00-9:30 am.  They have been weaning her since she got her trach on Friday.  So, remember yesterday we were talking about needing humidified oxygen because the trach bypasses the nose and upper airway? Well, I wanted to show you another picture of what is delivering that humidified oxygen to her-  the picture below shows a trach collar/mask.  This device is hooked to oxygen coming out of the wall from the central oxygen delivery system of the hospital.  From the wall extends tubing hooked to a plastic bottle of saline & then more tubing that leads to the mask.  The oxygen is humidified & warmed by the attachment on the tube with the saline bottle.  It's band is worn loose around the neck for comfort.  The other picture below is a side view of  where the trach is actually placed in her windpipe.

Chirsty breaths completely on her own and is maintaining good oxygenation without distress.  She was breathing about 18 breaths a minute when we were in the room tonight.  She was calm and look like she was just resting.  If she was breathing 30-40 breaths a minute, that would be too fast.  It would be a sign that she is in respiratory distress.  She would be working too hard to get her oxygen.  Christy looked very comfortable.  Christy also has a good cough which will be instrumental in getting any mucus out of her lungs.  She can be suctioned intermittently by a nurse or respiratory therapist as she needs it.

Christy is still on tube feeding (liquid food, looks like "ensure" if you've seen that in a can).  Her feeding tube goes from her mouth down to the very beginning of the small intestine. She is still tolerating her goal feeding (optimal nutrition) without any problems.  

Chrsity's blood pressure and other vital signs have been very stable.  She still wears a cervical collar (neck brace) around her neck in case she suffered trauma to the neck.  They don't think she has a neck injury, but they weren't able to do a MRI the first 48 hours to be positive.  The hospital policy is they have to leave it on for 6 weeks without that MRI, or have Christy say to them that she has no neck pain.  It stabilizes her neck to protect her from moving her neck too far in any direction.

Chrsity is at a point where she is breathing on her own, tolerating her food delivery well, and not requiring frequent correction of lab tests.  All of her other injuries to the internal organs and her ribs, shoulder blade and spine are stable.  She is so stable that they will probably move her to another floor tomorrow.  When I get more details about that I will update.  
Now all Christy needs to do is regain consciousness! Please keep praying for her speedy recovery.  Until tomorrow!


  1. Chris,

    I feel my thoughts and prayers somehow reach you everytime I talk to you, and cheer you on. Everytime I have my talks with God to give you strength and help heal you, I somehow think the energy is passed on to you. I know i'm not the only one who thinks of you constantly or who is praying for you or talking to you. I hope you hear all our conversations, not only with you, but those we have with God as that you know how much you are loved by so many.

    All our love....hugs and you and all those who love you!

    Until our next chat!

    Love ya!

    Charla and Wyatt

  2. Gabby,

    It was so nice seeing you and Kaeo at Trish N Jay's wedding. Thank you for all your good energy and I pray every night for Christy's recovery and I will also now pray in the AM with everyone else! Give the family my love and tell everyone I said HELLO
    Love you guys
    Chanelle and Keoni Medeiros

  3. Aunty Christy,
    I was so happy to see you in the hospital yesterday. I haven't got the chance to see you in a very long time. It was so nice to hear from others saying how well you have been healing throughout this journey. I know that there have been so many bumps in the pathways but, since you have such a strong mind and body and such a sweet and kind heart, those bumps just go on by. You really are an amazing woman Aunty Christy. I personally hope to see you walking out of that hospital very soon.
    With Love,
    Shyla, Alex, Kawai, Keao, and Kana‘i (person who wrote this blog)

  4. I am so glad that you have made this website for everyone to check up on Christy's condition. I've been so bumbed cause I got sick after I first saw her.. and I'm hoping that I will get better so that I will be able to come and visit her.. I pray everyday for her!! and its nice to hear that shes doing better and improving. Please give my our love to Donald, Christy and the family.

  5. Hey Christy,

    I'm so glad to hear of your wonderful progress! We were so happy to see Keli'i, Hanae, & Cammie Girl at Trish n Jay's wedding. Then later seeing Kaeo & Gabby at the reception. The boys probably knew if they didn't show up, you would be pissed and they wouldn't hear the end of it. I can already hear you telling them, "What the hell are you guys thinking? Get your asses to the party!!!"

    Bamboo Crew was playing and we know you & Don would have been getting your groove on the dance floor as well! Too funny! But no worries, I'm sure the Fam Bam will get together and make it happen! Come to think of it, I can't wait for the Fundraiser in February!

    Anyway, I know EVERYONE'S prayers are helping because you are getting BETTER EVERYDAY! But, being the "Tida" and fighter you are, it's only natural for you to improve! Just know, we can't wait to see your GORGEOUS smile and hear your sweet voice!

    Many blessings to You, Don, Kels, Nalu, Dylan, & EVERYONE in the Gouveia & Huddy 'Ohana! WE LOVE YOU and will continue to PRAY EVERYDAY for you to return to us soon!

    Talk to you later!

  6. To all the family,
    This is cousin Jennifer Ross (in Guam) I am Gwen Bell's daughter. I just got word about Christy's accident from Aunty Pam Kapana and she told me about this blog. I have just finished reading all of the updates...God Bless you Gabby for creating such a wonderful and informative site we can all turn to to monitor Christy's progress. I will continue to pray for Christy's full recovery and for the family there as they go this very difficult time. Please let Aunty Gail know that I am sending a contribution toward the mounting medical expenses. I will keep coming here to follow Chrsity's progress. Thank you for continuing with the posts.
    Love from Cousin Jennifer

  7. We keep you Donald and the children in our thoughts and prayers daily. God's blessings to you on your journey to recovery. We will see you again, up and walking around with your beautiful smile soon!

    All our Love,
    Shannon & Robin Au

  8. Hi Christy and Gail:

    I just learned how to blog - my oh my!! My daughter, Jennifer, just taught my how. Now I don't have to use Malia's google acct.
    David and I are so thrilled that you are my excellent progress. Keep up the good work. We all love you so much. I love the picture of your beautiful toes. Really classy!!

    Gail, please know that our hearts and prayers are continually with Christy and her family and, of course, with you too. We love you my dear cousin and we will join in on your fund-raising. We will be at the Pipeline Cafe on Feb. 28th, 2009. Please have someone let me know more about door prizes. We would be most happy to contribute.

    Gabby, again, thank you for your constant updates. You are one amazing sister-in-law!!!

    With all our Love, Your Cousins,
    Gwen and David Bell
    P.S. Who do we send the check to for the Pipeline get-together???

  9. Aloha Gabby,

    I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for sharing christy's progress. I was so sad to hear of her accident. I just found out this past friday. Ive been on vacation and off island and did not hear of this news! A friend shared with me this link. Thank You so much you are amazing! I just wanted to tell you that! My heart & prayers are with all of you. Please give alena a hug and kiss from me! I miss the both of them! I will continue to pray for her & all of the ohana!

    Mahalo Again,
    Corinne HewLen (Hawaiian Airlines)

  10. By the way I love her Pedicure!:) Kanani did and awesome job! She is gonna love it when she wakes up!:)

  11. Yeah Christy! Great to hear how well your progressing! Keep it up woman! Love you! P.S. Nice Toes nails! (:

  12. The prayers are surely coming in great abundance. The updates give us peace of mind to know that there is a world beyond ours and God is surely listening.
    Donald, we ask God to continue to give you and the children strength, to fight for such a beautiful woman!! We love you.

    Jason, Kau'i, Jace, and Kaui.