Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday January 11, 2009 -- PART II

So Christy spent some time on the EEG machine to watch her brain waves for signs of seizures.  The plan was to leave her on for 24-hours, but when no sign of seizures were found in a couple hours, they ended the test early.  Yay! NO seizures.  So, they're back to thinking the twitching she's doing is muscle spasm.  They did mention that the EEG was a little slower than yesterday, which may be concerning.  They proceeded to do the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of her Brain.  This is different than a CAT scan (computed axial tomography) because it can often distinguish more accurately between healthy & diseased tissue.  It gives more of a 3D look at the brain.  We were particularly curious about the brain stem, because it holds the reticulating activation system (see the previous blog)... Anyway, it showed NO emboli (Emboli is an object-most likely blood clot- traveling from somewhere in the body) infarcting anything.  An infarction is when the blood supply is blocked and the tissue with out blood supply /oxygen dies. This was great news, and we all breathed a sigh of relief.  Some damage was shown in the cortex.  In the first blog I talked about the cortex being the most susceptible to lack of oxygen, and therefore we were the most concerned about this area of the brain.  This area of the brain is the part that plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness.  Remember that Christy's initial EEG showed some normal sleep-wake cycles and that reflects the brain cells working in  the cortex.  Tomorrow, Dr. Chang (neuro-intensivist) will meet with the NeuroRadiologist (expert in reading x-ray and scans) and review Christy's MRI to get a clear interpretation on the cortex injury.  Some of what looks like injury now could be artifact. Artifact is an outside interference that may show up on the scan and look like damaged tissue but its not. Dr. Chang was also quick to remind us that none of these test really matter, and we need to focus on what Christy is doing on a daily basis.  Today the twins (keli'i & kaeo) witnessed her move both her arms once in a flexed position! Also, the nurse, Donald, myself and a few other members of the family witnessed her trying to open her left eye again! SO ALL OF THE PRAYERS AND LOVE ARE WORKING!! CHRISTY CAN FEEL OUR LOVE EVERY DAY. IT IS ALL OUR LOVE, POSITIVE THOUGHTS, AND PRAYERS THAT WILL STRENGTHEN AND HEAL CHRISTY

 I also want to wish Kainalu, Christy's younger son a Happy 8th Birthday!  Donald was able to enjoy a birthday celebration for Nalu in Waikiki with Dylan today.  Nalu's birthday wish was to swim in the pool at the hotel, and Christy's close friends were able to make that happen.  The kids all came to visit mommy tonight, and gave her a kiss and explained all the things they have been doing!  Christy also was able to listen to a recording of Kainalu and Dylan read a book to her!  Kelsen has been coming to see mom daily and asking smart questions- all the kids are! Christy loves her kids more than anything else in the world, and I'm sure she's comforted by their love.  Until tomorrow...


  1. are such an inspiration! Your strength carries through our entire family and we love you very much. are our light, guiding our family through our darkest tunnel and we are grateful god has sent you to us. God bless you, Kaeo, and the rest of the Gouveia 'ohana.. All our love, Trish and Jay

  2. Gabby, thank you for keeping all of us who love Christy updated on her progress. She has so many people who love her and are saying prayers for her many, many times a day....she is never far from my thoughts. I have all the faith in world that she'll be able to come back to us. The love she has for her family will give her the will and the strength she needs to do it. And she will, no doubt she will!

    Chris....we love you so much. Your genuine goodness and love for your family and friends has touched so many of us. Let our prayers help you through this, we'll always be here for ya!

    With much love...
    Charla and Wyatt

  3. Thank you Gabby for keeping us up to date on Chris' condition.. We can't always make it to the hospital.. and this HELPS A LOT!! Chris has been around my family for over 12 years.. and we would really LOVE to see her come back to us just the way that she was!! She is a FIGHTER though and I know she is fighting her hardest to come back.. All the GOOD news we hear about her daily.. helps us get through the day.. We wish the BEST to the FAMILY.. and we will come as much as we can..
    Donald and Chris... we LOVE you guys very much!! All our best and prayers to you guys and the family..

    Love Kanani (Basham) Hoohuli and Da Gang..

  4. We are sending our love and support from the Big Island(Chanelle/Keoni Medeiros, The Pilayo's and Debbie and Kaleo Motta)
    Thank you Gab for the updates, please give everyone our love!

    Love you guys,Chanelle

  5. Aloha Gabby, My name is Kapua, I went to Kamehameha with Christy and worked with her at Hawaiian, Kawehi on the big island just shared everything with me, thank you for all that you are doing, I will continue to pray for her and have my church also pray for her healing...I'd like to visit if it's okay...please advise me if the family has certain times..etc....God Bless you again for all that you are doing. -Kapua (Soares) Keolanui

  6. Aloha e Ku'u 'Ohana,

    Mahalo Gabby for creating this blog for all of us to stay updated on Christy's progress! You are truly a blessing!

    Aunty Gail, Don, & ALL of the Gouveia & Huddy 'ohana...know that WE LOVE YOU and our prayers are with you and Chris ALWAYS!

    Kealoha no,
    Tranie & Kevin

  7. Aunty Christy,
    Everyone at my school is praying for you. Please heal so we can see you soon. By the way Happy Birthday to you to and also to Nalu boy. Get well soon.

    Alex, Shyla, Kana‘i, Kawai, and Keao

  8. Chris,
    Everyone at Hawaiian are praying for you everyday!! We all love you sooo much and you have impacted everyones lives with your kindness and your great spirit. The love and support from your awesome family and your friends, who love you dearly, will get you through. I have no doubt. And you NUTZ TUFF sister!!!
    Thank you Gabby for making this blog. We pull it up at least 3x a day just to see if there are any updates. We are all sending our positive thoughts and prayers to the Gouveia and Huddy family.