Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, January 26th, 2009

If you haven't already heard by call or text, Christy gave Donald & Lorinne a grin today!!!
Here is the whole story: Lorinne, one of Christy's best friends came in to visit her today. Donald thought her outfit looked as comfy as work out gear. Donald cracks a joke by saying "Look Christy, Lorinne is going to work out without you!" And Lorinne is saying "Not!" Donald continues to tell Chris, "Yes, babe, she's going to work out without you." And Christy cracks a smile!!! What a trip, ya? We know Christy still has her sense of humor!! And Donald continued to crack the joke twice more at different times, just to see if it was a coincidence, and she gave a grin all three times!! You go, Chris!! We can't wait to see that beautiful smile of hers all the time again!

Another eventful happening today was Christy's P.E.G. being placed. Everything went well. The procedure was uneventful, which is good. Christy is up again after the PEG procedure (we talked about this feeding tube placement in detail in a previous blog). Chris is moving around again -arms & legs swinging!!

Kaeo and I leave for the airport early early tomorrow morning. It's almost midnight and we'll be getting up at 03:15 to make our way in the snow, back to the airport. it was about 7 - 10 degrees Fahrenheit today in Denver-- and we still ate yummy homemade ice cream on the way home!! What can we say, we're crazy Hawaiians. I feel like a kid tromping in the snow and catching snowflakes on my tongue. We really can't wait to visit Christy tomorrow and see for ourselves all the wonderful progress she's made!

Unfortunately, the flyer I received for the unbelievable event being held for Christy at Pipeline is unable to load. It is a pdf., not a jpg. Alan's printer is still in the box, so I'll be posting it tomorrow once I can go home, print and scan it!

We love you Christy!!!


  1. Awesome Chris!!!

    We all knew you could had it in you to do this! I'm so stoked to see you comin' around....we're still sending all our love, warm thoughts and lots and lots of prayers.

    Much, much love to all.....

    Charla and Wyatt

  2. Congrats Christy,

    Still praying everyday!

    Love to you and your amazing `ohana.

    Cousin Malia & the DeSoto Family

  3. I was so HAPPY and full of TEARS when I got the text about Christy smiling!! I swear that girl is fighting to come back.. I think she knows she's missing out on everything.. We're praying for you SPEEDY recovery Christy!! I'll be visiting soon!! All Our LOVE to YOU, DONALD and the Family...