Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today Donald called me with the update.... Christy was having a lot more movement. She has even been kicking up her legs once in a while. She seems agitated, and maybe even in pain. Unfortunately, she has no way of communicating her needs to us, yet. The new Neurologist (brain specialist) came to see her to do his assessment. Now that she is on the 9th floor, she no longer has the same doctors (Dr. Chang) as when she was in the ICU. He did his assessment and was worried that Christy may be experiencing seizures. If she were having seizures, that wouldn't be good because it could cause more brain damage. The Neurologist decided to treat her with a drug called Ativan (Lorazepam). Ativan is used in a couple different situations including withdrawals from alcohol & before surgery to calm the patient. Ativan is in the class of medications known as benzodiazepams (Valium is in the same class) . At lower doses they do in fact decrease "anxiety" feelings. However at slightly higher doses it can "stop the seizure". The doctor never told us specifically what type of seizure he thought she might be having (there are many types). Ativan is a good drug to be used in conjunction with an anti-convulsant. Phenytoin sodium (Dilantin), is a widely known anti-convulsant medication that is commonly used to control seizure activity. Christy has been on this anti-seizure medication (Dilantin) since the initial finding of seizure activity (which they told us was no longer present on the last EEG). We don't really know if she is having seizures, but the Neurologist felt that if she were having them, maybe she should be moved back to the ICU. We don't really know what will happen from here. There was no mention of any more tests to be done or a transfer back downstairs tot the ICU. The unit she is on now specializes in "respiratory" (with the lung) patients and not neurological patients. So we'll see what happens tomorrow.

During this time, the family would like to ask anyone going to visit Christy a few favors to aid Chris' healing. We ask that no unnecessary stimulation happen right now. This means whispering in the room while talking, not talking directly to her right now, not touching Christy, and keeping the number of visitors down. Christy does respond to talking and touching by moving and waking- and this may be using up too much of her healing energy right now. We don't know exactly why the doctor felt she was having seizures, he wasn't specific. It may be the additional big muscle movements she's been doing or maybe the continuous twitching in her face. The less agitation the better, right now.

Please DO continue to send Christy love and positivity... she needs all the strength and energy to heal right now.
I'll be broadcasting from beautiful Denver again tomorrow! until then.....


  1. Hi Gabby,

    Hope you and Kaeo and are enjoying the break up there with Alan. Give him a big hug and a wet juicy kiss from all of us! We miss him dearly. Wyatt and I pray every night before he goes to bed for Aunty Chris to get better. Thank you for keeping up with our updates even while you're away....You're totally the bomb!

    Much love to all....

    Charla and Wyatt

  2. We continue to pray every morning for Christy. We hope her kids and husband are doing well - I know how hard this must be. I so believe in the strength of Christy herself as a mother and wife that she will get through this. She must have dreams of her family and that's what gives her strength to hold on and let the healing process get her through her journey.

    Again our thoughts and prayers are with everyone there.

    Gabby: You are one extraordinary person to keep such a precise journal and update on Christy - your reports are just so appreciated and it helps those of us far away to not have to "wonder" how Christy's doing and not have to wonder if we're calling family at the wrong time to ask how things are going. We hope to meet you at our visit this summer

    Boy & Vika Pilayo