Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hey gang!  Today was another day of rest for Christy.  Once she had her physical therapy, she was tired!  During physical therapy, they dangled her on the side of the bed in a sitting up position.  The old man on the left is doing it in the picture.  They wanted to put Chris in a chair, but with her big unexpected movements of arms and legs, it's too dangerous.  We don't want her to fall!  

Christy got a visit from Dr. Yamamoto who is a physical therapy doctor from the Rehab hospital.  He let us know that once Christy is able to follow commands, she can be admitted into the rehab hospital.  When I say "following commands", he specifically wanted Christy to be able to hold up two fingers in the air when asked.  He also said that he wanted her to be able to lift up her arms off the bed-- horizontal with the bed.  With him was an Occupational Therapist who was the coordinator for the hospital- she said she would be visiting Christy while she was in the hospital.  

Dr. Druger, the Pulmonologist(lung specialist) also came to see Christy this afternoon.  He confirmed that Christy's strong cough is vital to preventing any pneumonia.  He listened to her chest, and was happy.  He said the x-ray was clearing up but that it would take some time for it to be completely clear.  The infection is under control.  He was very nice.

Finally, Dr. Maher, the brain specialist (Neurologist) came by to see her.  I didn't get to meet him-- I was out fetching dinner for our hungry bellies.  I was so bummed.  Donald and Lorene did a fabulous job at relaying all the information.  Dr. Maher seems to take his time assessing Christy. He sat her head of the bed up strait and talked to her. He stands watching her body movements and her eyes.  He asked Donald questions he would normally ask the nurse.  "Has she had any seizures?  Has she been moving the Left leg more?" Donald is the right person to ask, he sees Christy every day for hours and hours.  He really knows every movement and motion she makes.  Dr. Maher looked at Christy's eyes, and explained to Don the difference between Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and a deeper sleep.  REM happens to someone when they are sleeping.  The eyes go back and forth, side to side.  Christy, Dr. Maher explained, "is in a much deeper sleep".  He decided to take her off two medications.  The Benadryl and Dilantin.  Taking her off Dilantin does not leave her unprotected from seizure activity.  They have had Christy on KEPPRA also, which is another anti-convulsant.  Anti-convulsant is anti-seizure medication.   Dr. Maher didn't want her to be in this deep a sleep.  She may have been getting Benadryl for the rash on her skin.   It's healing now, almost completely.  Benadryl can make you very very sleepy as well.   I also found that Christy has been receiving a muscle relaxer called Baclofen.  Baclofen belongs to two groups of medications know as muscle relaxants and anti- spastics.  It's used to treat spasticity (uncontrolled muscle movements) caused by spinal cord injuries.  Christy's spinal cord wasn't severed but the movements were responses of the spinal cord.  Dr. Maher also said that her sleep/wake cycles are all messed up.  That's why we see her up for long periods of time or days, then sleep, and it's not predictable.  Dr. Maher also said that Christy is making slow progress.  He looked at Donald and said compassionately, "slowly but surely"! That's what we like to hear, Doc!

Meanwhile, Christy slept peacefully! See the illustration below of Christy in the bed and Donald gently caressing her hands.  This is a good illustration of our beautiful princess in bed with her brave prince doting on her! Donald knows her turning schedule and recruits us to help pull Christy up in bed and reposition her and the surrounding pillows.  It's very sweet.  
I told them that they are going to ask him to come on board as staff when Christy leaves.  He's picked up all the lingo and helps with her care. The staff commented to Mom that we have a very loving and close family & friends.  She explained that many people suffer through their hospital experience alone.  We are so very grateful to be a part of this loving family.  We are honored to be related to Christy and wouldn't love her any other way than FULL ON!  Thank you guys out there for loving and supporting Christy, too.  

The family and Christy's close friends were visiting tonight.  Donald was telling stories of the night they first met and when they were first dating.  It was so sweet.  Everyone reminiscing of the past and some of us hearing the stories for the first time.  All of us laughing and loving Christy!  We can't wait till she can be laughing and loving with us, too!


  1. That is so awesome...stay strong Christy! Donald your a wonderful man and a strong loving husband Christy is very honored to have you and her whole family living daily with her at the hospital!!!
    Love you guys
    Chanelle and Keoni

  2. Hi Gabby and everyone. I am Christina Hall and my son Adrian is best friends with Kelson...he is also close to Lorrine's son Sonny. Christy and Don take good care of my son and lets him spend the night on "school nights" they love him so much. I have lost a husband and a baby so when this hit me I was devestated HOWEVER...very hopeful and full of prayers for her and the family. (Kelson is at my house as we speak) I told my son to just be there for him....he always says "Aunty will be okay". I am going to try and stop by to see her today. I work for the state and have passed on the Craigslist posting for the fundraiser at Pipeline. We are all praying for her and thank you so much for this blog. I called Don a few times, but did not want to bother him much about her progress. He's a great husband and Lorrine is a great friend. I hope I can meet you all soon. God bless you guys!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you Gabby for all that you do in keeping us updated on Christy's progress...

    We LOve You Chris!!!

    Joyal and Jai Fukunaga

  4. Thank you Gabby for the informative updates. Please let Donald, Christy and all of the ohana know that Donald's HT family is thinking about them and send love and positive thoughts their way daily.

    Kristin Paulo