Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 20, 2009

Got some pictures that I didn't have before for blogs, wanted to share! 
Remember we were talking about exercising Chisty's tongue!  Here she is with Malea showing the lollipops! (right).  

In these pictures Christy in the standing frame.  We have seen more recent photos, but this is at the beginning in the standing frame with PT!

Christy has come a long way and is on the road to walking !  We're so excited for the daily
 progress she makes each day.   Physical therapy does all kinds of stretching and Range of motion every day. This is another picture of the stretching.
  The blog site didn't turn the picture right side up for the first time.  It must be because I'm only getting some of the picture on all of
 these.  Something with the download from email or something.  I see the whole picture on my desktop, but it doesn't all upload! sorry!
The weekend is here and Christy will be resting and relaxing all weekend.  Luckily she has the free pass to go to hang at the
 apartment with Don & Alan guys!

This is a picture from the day that Christy got her Chest tube out.  The chest tube that Christy had this time didn't need to be big- It's about 1/8 in diameter from the original chest tube.  When Christy first collapsed her lung after the accident, she needed the big  chest tube.  They just clean the area, cut the sutures and pull out  the tube!  Christy was probably tender in that area for the day, but she was able to do therapies like a champ still!!

Don't forget, your I heartChristy tee-shirts are for sale for $10.00 if you order before April 1, 2009.  You can send checks to Gail Gouveia and contact her by email which is  The twins are wearing one's in BLACK. The back says I heart Christy. I think the shirts for sale are white.... just my guess.  The immediate family wore black ones at the fundraiser event!

Loving you Christy! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hey Chris!! We just wanted to let you know that we've been following every AWESOME progress that you've been making and are praying so very hard for you to reach each goal every day so that you can come home to your AWESOME LOVING family and friends.

    Please know that you are an inspiration to us all and your will and determination is out of this world.. so admirable! Everyone knows and believes that you are a phenomenal woman that will fully recover. Can't wait to see you again, Chris!!!

    Don - You are just as amazing! The love you have and show in taking care of Chris is more than words can say. We are so proud of you both and so lucky to have you both as friends!

    Love you guys, Kala and Eileen Kawai