Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 27, 2009

Got some more pictures for you of the snowy snowy Denver city!  This is a picture of Chris & Don on the skybridge.  Look at that snow outside!  What a trip!  Everything is white!  Christy has her glasses on in this picture!
This picture on the right is some poor guy trying
 to get into his frozen car.  Look at the tires, 
they're partially buried in the powder!  That's gotta be cold!  These pictures are taken from Christy's window in her room.  At one point, they said that they couldn't see very far because the snow was creating a fog-like
This is a picture that kept getting erased & blocked on yesterday's post (right).  It's Christy's first trip to the apartment in the blizzard snow!!  She's got her new wheels too.  Having the apartment is a blessing.  It brings some normalcy to the routine.  Being in the "hospital" setting on a daily basis gets boring.  The apartment is so close that it's an easy trip over, but you get to take in the fresh air for a short ride.  Christy and Don both enjoy their time together just hanging out in the apartment.  Cooking, eating & just enjoying each other's
 company, relaxing.  This is a sweet picture of Christy just chillin' out on the couch.  She's got all of her pillows surrounding her... Chris is the pillow queen!  It's kinda like going HOME after a hard days work.  Craig really thinks of their patients as a whole person.  It makes the therapy that much more tolerable.   

Tomorrow is the weekend  and that means time to kick back until Monday!  We love you Christy! 

Continue sending all the love and prayers to Denver... it heals Christy daily.  

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