Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

Today was a day of planning and brainstorming.  We're on our way tomorrow to Craig!!  All day at work I was distracted.  I had to make about five lists of things to do and collect.  I had wonderful people helping me organize a game plan for tomorrow's trip.  Edna, the case manager organized our transportation. Naomi helped book the flights.  Jackie and Diana (nurses I work with who have flight nurse experience) were helping with ideas of what to take and written info about physiological changes in the body while in flight.  Jana Holden not only agreed to lend me a pulse oximeter, but had someone bring it to Straub, special delivery!!  Lorene and girls took Donald to get warm, comfy clothes for Christy & Don was able get some gear for the cold, too.  Thank you so much to everyone who is helping organize a smooth trip to Craig.

When we got to the hospital to visit Christy tonight, it was hoppin'!  Everyone knows that Christy is leaving tomorrow.  My Mom, Joyce was giving healing touch to Christy, and Christy was taking it all in really well all over her body!  It was great!  Christy needs a ton of energy for our journey tomorrow! 
Christy's legs are almost strait, and she's comfortable!  Christy was sitting up talking and hanging out.  We were talking about Christy's vision.  She has a hard time seeing things if they are not close to her and in her exact field of vision.  We were discussing why her vision is affected.  She had damage to alot of nerves and functional parts of the brain.  Like everything else, things are still slowly re-wiring.  I don't know why exactly she sees only what she sees.  She can see better if things are on her right side as well.  Her hearing and smell are great, though.  Christy is always listening to conversations going on around her.  She even tells people their breath is stink! Ha! You just have to giggle!  The funny thing is, we were talking about her vision, and asking if she only sees shadows... Christy told us that she sees in color.  We were all thinking out loud about how the brain worked its rewiring and mentioning how things come back slowly over time.  Then Christy starts to tell us her philosophy on her vision saying "Maybe you only see one color at a time so you don't overwhelm the brain?"  We were like, "Ya! maybe!"  With huge shocked smiles on our face!! She's so cute, and still smart when she comes up with these deep thoughts!  

Christy was talking to Donald about school.  We were teasing Donald that he's the nurse now. Christy said "ya, he could be one."  Kaeo said to Chris, "I though you were going to be a nurse?" and Christy didn't really answer boldly.  Donald encouraged Christy saying she was going to get her butt right back in school, and finish nursing school.  And Christy said "Ya, School-- I'm there!" & "I like School!"  Christy's last semester she got all A's and one B.  She was so bummed that she didn't get all A's, and we were so impressed with how well she did!

Dylan (Christy's youngest) was in the bed with Christy tonight.  She was laying beside her.  Christy's clarity of speech, attentiveness and annunciation were heightened when talking to Dylan.  Christy was saying to Dylan, "I love you so much, Dyl Pickles!" and Dylan was pursing her lips up to Christy so they could kiss.  Chrsisty gave Dylan a big kiss.   Dylan replied, " I love you so much mommy!"  And Chrsity told her " With all my heart!"  and Dylan replied "With all my heart, too!"  Christy teased "Sure?" and Dylan said "Course I'm sure!"  It was so so so heartfelt, I couldn't help but tear up.  Christy wanted to say those things to Dylan so clear and Dylan understood every word of it!!  They were hugging and cuddling up.  Christy's drive to be with her children is strong!
When Kelsen was talking to mom,  Christy said "I heard your hooking up with 18 year old girls!"  And Kelsen denied it:)  It was funny.  Nalu was bouncing around the room like a jumping bean!  He was really excited to be around Mom.  

Christy cuddled with her new doggy friend.  She received a plush fluffy, soft puppy from Pua earlier today!  Everyone wanted to pet it, and Christy really enjoyed petting it and feeling it's soft fur! 

Christy was getting sleepy, and started to verbalize that she was "real tired!"  So we left her to rest for her big day tomorrow!! Wish us luck!!  

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  1. Hi Gabby,

    It's exciting that this is all gonna happen for real. I'm so glad that Chris is going to where she needs to be. We'll miss her dearly, but it's easier knowing that she'll be getting the therapy and help that she needs to get her back to the old Christy.

    Have a safe flight....our thoughts and prayers will be following her!

    Love to all.......
    Charla and Wyatt