Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Christy had another great day at Craig!  Occupational therapy visited first to help Christy get dressed.  Christy is doing more and more every day. Today she was able to lift her arms and pull her clothes over her head!  

Physical therapy did more Range of Motion and stretching.  They helped Don learn an alternative technique to transfer Christy from Chair to Bed.    Pt did more stand up exercises in the second session today.  They utilized the work out table to move left and right- putting pressure on Christy's feet to slide back and forth. 
Christy's tightness in her legs is still a problem.  The Doctors are feeling it's either spasticity or tone.  Those are rehab/PT terms listed in the book that Craig gave the family to read.  They can use some drugs to help her, but it sounds as if they want the brain to have the best chance possible to heal and send out it's healing signals first.  They don't want to slow the progress or stop the brain's own healing process.

Dr. Shraa had an appointment today with Christy.  He did show more picture cards with things like "dice" on them!  Not sure all the things that are on the cards or why he shows them.... but that's ok.  He's just finding out more about Christy.  

Don's been stepping out of sessions so Christy can concentrate more and focus on the therapist and the task at hand.  Christy's therapy sessions ended early today, about 1pm because the original family meeting was scheduled for today.  The meeting has been rescheduled for Monday March 23rd.  Don has gotten the official pass to take Christy around with him.  They spent some QT at the apartment today just relaxing.  They no longer have the privacy of the room to sit around, talk and joke around.  They have a roommate, Wendy.  So, to be courteous and quiet, it works better to just go to the apartment.  

Christy's having dreams that seem so real.  Sometimes too real.  She wakes up believing it happened and it affects her emotionally.  She can even feel Heat in her dreams!  

Selena's uncle Joe came by to visit today! That was so sweet of him.  Alan and Luis were hanging out tonight making everyone laugh.  Forgot to thank Niki Kenny, a high school classmate of Don's, for the ONO curry and mixed BBQ plates from Colorado's L&L Drive-In.  

until tomorrow! gabby

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