Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yesterday's Fundraiser was a complete success!! OMG! If you were there, you understood the mass of people in Love with Chrsity!!  What a good good time everyone had!!  I wanted to make a special thank you to Kanani and Tina (right) who headed the fundraising and spent a ton of time on the incredible event.  Joining them was an equally incredible committee full of friends and family of Christy.  The Centerpieces, the slide show, the shirts- WOW!  Classy all the way, Christy would have loved every detail and will be so terribly impressed!!  Don't worry, she''l get to see it on film!  Chrsity's cousin was able to film the entire thing for her.  He is a cameraman, so he even hooked up what he was filming to all of the TVs in the joint!! It was very cool  There were so many people that it was hard to get anywhere, and almost impossible to see anything from the back that was happening on stage and in the front! 
 Hanae (Keli'i's wife) and her Halau danced beautifully as always!  Even Kelsen got pulled up to dance for mom!! love it!
This is Naomi and John ...

Naomi is the one helping with our flight arrangements on United!!  They are wearing the IheartChristy white shirts! 

Kaeo (Christy's brother and my love) is holding Camryn, Keli'i & Hanae's daughter, they are both wearing the shirts as well!! It was so special, everyone wore the shirts with pride.

You can see how it was getting crowded fast.  This picture is before 8pm!!  The bands were awesome, I heard the food was good!! Everything was organized so wonderfully, that things went smoothly.  Christy's friend Lorene sang her beautiful song for Christy up on stage!  She has such a pretty voice!  Mom Gail sang with Auntie Maggie 
and the gang (Ladies K)-- so awesome!  

Even Christy's nurses came to the party!! This is a picture of two of her nurses from 9DH at Queens!! Thanks guys for taking wonderful care of our 
Christy and for supporting her in every way!! Liz had to work today, too, so it was an extra special effort!! XO!

The silent auction was a big success!  Kevin Lopes (Christy's cousin Trani's husband) got some amazing signed items, (helmet, footballs) from Pro Bowl players!! SO generous!! That blew us away!  We had about 4 surfboards, and a million other raffle items, and auction items!! I'm sorry anyone I missed... there are just so many people who loved Christy and gave from the heart!  

There were people were at the event that didn't even know Christy and came in with their friends to have a good time!  They were awesome, too!! What an incredible night!! Yay!!

Back at Queens today.... Physical therapy came today just to stretch out Christy's legs.  It's the weekend, so they just have a skeleton crew going.  They wanted to make sure to see her before we leave to Colorado.  Christy is still having pain when she stretches her legs out but she is able to keep them strait on her own so well now!! Hopefully this will make her 7 hour plane ride more comfortable.  That is what we will pray for now.  A safe, comfortable plane ride with smooth transitions from the vehicles, to the plane, to Craig hospital.

Christy is so cute because she is so polite.  Today, she was wanting to clean out her mouth, and said Please and thank you.  When I asked her if she wanted another go around with the mouthwash and sponge, she said "No thank you".  Kaeo laughed and said "You don't have to be so polite! We're family"  Christy corrected him by saying "Even though we're family, we still can be polite!"  What an amazing person she is!  She cracks us up daily. 

We concentrate hard to try to understand what Christy is saying.  Christy is working on training her tongue to enunciate the words more clearly.  She was trying to tell us something, and Kaeo would repeat the words he understood.  So Christy was saying "I want hphee"  And Kaeo would repeat " You want..."  and she said more loudly and clearly "Pee", So Kaeo says, "You want Pee!"  And Christy just busted out Laughing.  We all did.  I love laughing with Christy.  It's just so so so much more happy than a regular laugh... you know?  It's so awesome that Christy is so there, and she knows exactly what is going on, and she laughs her butt off when we say things like "You want Pee!?"... We just say what we think she's saying.  She's probably like, what? Why would I want Pee, I want to Pee!!

Christy's memory is amazing.  She can remember people and things and all kinds of details from the past.  Her very short term memory, though is still catching up.  It will come. Slowly but surely.  I think Christy forgets that we are going to Craig Hospital on Tuesday.  Today she was cute... she was asking us, "Help me get up so we can get out of here"!  We were asking her where she wanted to go, and she replied "I want to go home".  She wasn't mad when we told her she had some more healing to do and that we were going to Craig to get some good rehab.  I reminded her again of Craig, and she said "When are we going?".  Chrsity may be bored and tired of being at the hospital since she's really awake now.   Kaeo was telling her she was going to have to do some hard work to get up and going again.  So we hung out, talked story, and adjusted the temperature in the room for her.  We got her comfy tan blanket over her, and the hot water bottle just right on her cramped up hamstring, and she went to sleep.  Christy is still sore from the cramping, but was getting pain meds today.  It didn't seem as bad today as it was other days.

Back to work tommorrow & packing, so wish us luck!! Pray for our safe, easy, comfortable flight!  

P.s. Thank you so much to Barbra W. from Hawiian Tel, I didn't get to meet you personally at the fundraiser, but you are sweet, generous and kind.  Thank you for thinking of me!  OX 

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  1. A wonderful comment, after an incredible event. The blog is so empowring. My hugs and heart to Gabby for keeping us informed. A hui hou... Kelly La'a (friend of Keli'i&Hanae&Cameron)..