Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today was a great day! Christy is still working on getting full function of their tongue.  It's so difficult for her to chew and speak well with the discomfort.  Christy had an entire yogurt today, so she's starting to get back to eating and can  leave that tube feeding behind again!  

Occupational therapy utilized the rocking chair again today.  Christy sits on the rocking chair during her 30 minute reserved time slot in the morning.  Christy can tolerate about twenty minutes and uses her feet to control her rock and to stabilize herself.  Christy also has some custom glasses.  The glasses are not prescription, they are just lenses.  These glasses have scotch tape on specific angles on the nasal end  to try and block part of the visual field in hopes of  a clearer visual picture.  Other patients state that they can tell "where things are for the first time".  Christy had these glasses a few days previous, but they added another piece of scotch tape over the right eye across the top today.  
With the tape on, the eyes could be forced to focus and not deviate.  The tape over the top of the right eye is related to the fact that Chrsity closes her right eye when she looks up.  The therapist feel that Christy gets double vision when she looks up and that is why she closes the eye.  It also makes her feel sick to look up.  So far the glasses haven't been extremely affective, but we'll keep trying.  (i couldn't find a picture of glasses with the tape going the other direction, but wanted to show some with occlusion-- these probably help another disorder of the eye)

Christy went to the repositioning clinic today to help make a better seat for her wheelchair.  
The room is full of all kinds of wheelchair accessories & parts ... more than we can imagine! When Christy switched to her upright chair from the Tilt chair, Christy battled nausea.  We don't really know  why.  Today Christy got a new back on her chair to hopefully decrease the nausea.  Christy's nausea is preventing her from getting the full work out at therapy & is very uncomfortable.  That's why this is an issue.  They want her to progress to the upright chair instead of staying on the tilt wheelchair.  They are continually concerned about Christy having the right position and posture.  They want Christy to be sitting correctly so her spine doesn't curve.  

Other than that, just a lot of lovin' going on! Until tomorrow.  

p.s. Kaeo may be helping me blog on days when I work to help me out- so stay tuned!


  1. What's up Cuz!

    Just wanted to stop by and say, "Aloha" and to let you know we continue to pray for you & think happy thoughts for your progress. Not a day goes by without us thinking or talking about you...what your ears ringing? Nah, it's all good Cuz! hahaha!

    Anyway, keep up the awesome hard work & positive cheerful attitude. You're the BOMB DIGADEE!!!

    Just know that WE LOVE YOU & can't wait to hear more great news from Colorado!

    Hugs & Kisses....muaaaaaaahhhhh!
    Tranie, Kevin, Pua'ena, Kapili, & Kaiholu

  2. Hey mama,
    Sorry I haven't been around lately, but I'm sure you heard that I am doing some healing myself....just know that there isn't a day that went by that I wasn't thinking about you....I am glad to see you doing so well....you continue to amaze me with the progress that you make daily....of course it doesn't surprise me, cause you are our "SUPERSTAR"!!!

    I love you mama....to the sky and back....May GOD continue to guide you and give you the strength to get through your days.......until we meet again my sister, sending many xoxoxoxoxo to you!!!

    Monkey Girl
    P.S. don't forget about signing on to skype when you get your computer!!!

  3. Heeey Aunty Chris(:,
    its Keala, Im so glad to hear that your doing great and that your improving everyday!, it such a big relief you know?. me kela and sonny miss you dearly. havent heard your funny moke language in a while. lols. i just wanted to drop by and let you know that were all praying for you everyday and GOD is healing you slowly. but it takes time. I love you aunty christy<3



  4. You look fierce!!!! Your determination, perseverance, and strength is no surprise to us…we knew you would, could, and will continue to go the distance. The Huddys don’t do less than a 100%, they DO WORK!
    Nothing changed on the home front, except your company. We miss you guys so much! Miss Connor is still talking about the beach and camping (you know I’m still taking baby steps with the whole camping thing) Just keep keepin’ on and before you know Huddy/Narciso Reunion! :o)
    Don’t forget “water’s for the weak” (What movie?)...that’s why you drink Diet Coke!! ;o)Stay strong, stay focused… (What movie?)

    Heheehee…we still play those movie line games? We’re dorks! Well Laren more than me…..

    Love you,
    Luce and Boogie