Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today was another WONDERFUL day at Craig!  The exciting event of the morning was the Colorado BLIZZARD that they experienced today.  The snow just kept coming down.  Don was explaining how HUGE the snowflakes were!! At it was the first time for Don seeing falling snow.  Not sure about Christy, but she was freezing cold, too!  This picture is Christy's first time going to the apartment in the Denver snow. she's getting pelted with huge snowflakes blizzard wind!  Burr!   There are more pictures of the snow storm adventure today! Christy's  new wheelchair is shown in these pictures and has smaller wheels so her feet can reach the ground and she can push herself forward or backwards!  Don was telling me how cute she is when she "thinks she's funny" and pushes herself away from him and he turns
 around wondering where she is... they both start laughing!  Christy even drove her wheelchair back to the room from the gym today!!! ALRIGHT! Go Christy!  Her vision seems to slowly be improving every day as well! Really happy about that!

This night picture in the snow is of Luis and Don's trip taking Christy back to the hospital from the apartment.  Alan made dinner and they got done late, so they had to go around to the west wing the long way.  The doors shut down after a certain 
time, so you have to a further entrance to get in!  Don was saying how funny it was to see how deep the snow got.  They got stuck and couldn't push Christy any more... Luis and Don had to carry Christy across the street.... they were rolling
 laughing the entire way and were having a blast "playing" & getting stuck in the snow!  Don sent this picture of Christy with her grip tightly around the Diet Coke she wouldn't leave in the apartment.  Don called her the Diet Coke Queen because she refused to leave that cup of soda in the apartment... she just had to bring  it with them.

Today was rounds day.  The team does rounds together ("Rounds" are a mini-meeting where all the disciplines (PT, OT, speech, etc.) come and talk about Christy).   When Dr. Ripley was asking Christy to do some "la la la la" and "ma ma ma ma" sounds, she did them so well! She even impressed Malea, the speech therapist!  Remember Christy's tongue was uncomfortable and she had a little lapse in progress with the discomfort.  Christy is such a hard worker that she was able to overcome that discomfort and practice some tongue strengthening exercises Don found on the web.  She was even able to Puff up her Cheeks when she couldn't ever do that before!  This was the first thing in the morning when Christy has all of her energy stored up from sleeping at night!  Later in the day Chirsty gets tired from all of the mental concentration and physical activity.

PT & OT did a combo session once today & then Chris saw PT & OT separately in a second session. Sorry that part of the picture is being cut off.. but Eva and Kate (PT) have Christy sitting in an Indian style sitting pose!  YAY!! That's so so wonderful... Christy is just getting so so stretched out and back towards normal!  Very Cool Chris!  All the therapist really enjoy working with Christy's positive and hard working personality.  It's great.  Christy is making great progress!  Christy had standing frame again with Dan today.  They are trying to fit Christy into standing frame more times a week.  It's really paying off, because Christy is so much more flexible.  PT brings that measuring tool to measure Christy's leg angles.  Today they were so impressed while measuring because it showed that she' at -7 degrees.  This means that Christy is only seven degrees away from having her legs strait!! Yes!  That was a measurement from her "good leg" the right leg.  The good news is that the Left Leg is only -10 degrees away.  This means ten degrees away is a completely strait leg. They are also trying to lay Christy flat on her stomach to fully stretch her better.  Slowly but surely!

Occupational therapy tested some skills today. They had Christy pick up the cup and drink from it.  They started Christy on trying to feed herself.  She had some yogurt and was able to stir it up herself.  She had a harder time trying to feed herself, but we'll be working on that more!  The other exercise was grabbing the ball and putting it into another container.  Then grabbing the ball from the container and taking it out.  Christy was accurate in her aim for the ball and used a delicate touch which meant she really had control over what she was seeing and doing! Yay!

One of the coolest things Don saw today was the Barium Swallow test.  This is the exam in radiology that takes a moving x-ray video of her swallowing various foods.  There is a dye called Barium that the food is soaked in so it shows up on x-ray.  Various textures and consistencies of foods & bread were tested, one at time.  They fed Christy the food and watched it being chewed and swallowed!  It sounded real cool to watch!
Don learned that a couple of Christy's wisdom teeth are still in! HA!

The blog is starting to erase my pictures one at a time, and is refusing to upload them as well, so I think i have to share more pictures in another bog entry! much love, gabby

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