Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday March 30, 2009

Sorry to all of the followers of the blog as we were not able to post anything last night.  We were not able to get in touch with Donald and there was not much going on yesterday as Christy is not scheduled for any sort of rehab on the weekends.  Anyhow, this post is not going to be very positive as Christy had a pretty tough 24 hours.

Christy was startled late last night, around 2am, by a noise in her room.  Not having the best vision right now, Christy called out asking who was there.  There was no answer, so she called out again hoping that someone would respond and put her at ease.  Still, no answer.  Christy's anxiety began to increase because she could tell the sound was coming from the room, but no one was answering to her calls.  So, the nurses immediately called Donald over from the apartment and he of course came running.  When Donald arrived, he was able to calm Christy down and assure her that there was no one in the room that was not supposed to be there.  Of course, Christy not wanting to seem like she was hearing things, pointed out right in front of Donald when she again heard the noise.  It turns out it was Christy's roommate Wendy who is also recovering from a neurological injury.  Donald assured Christy that is was Wendy and that she had nothing to fear, but the damage had already been done and Christy had a hard time dealing with the anxiety.  After a few hours of Don comforting her, she was finally able to relax and get some rest.  Little did Donald know, Christy's anxiety was going to carry over to the next morning in the PT/OT center.

Somehow, there was a mix up in the scheduling of Christy's rehab this morning.  From what I gather in talking to Alan, Christy was taken to the PT/OT center for her daily work.  But, for some reason, there were no therapists there to assist her.  Christy was left in the PT center for upwards of two hours with no one helping her.  As you can imagine, Christy's anxiety only grew throughout the time that she was left alone.  She is not seeing that great, she is having a tough time walking and she is completely dependent on the support of Don and the therapists.  Unfortunately, Don had gone to catch up on some rest during her daily therapy session because he was so exhausted from the night before.

Long story short, once they realized that Christy had been unattended for an extended period of time, it was too late.  Christy was pissed and she let everyone know about it.  So, not much rehab occurred today due to the temporary mis-scheduling of Christy's rehab.  Christy was too upset to work this afternoon, but did feel pretty bummed that she had gotten so upset.  Honestly, I don't blame her for losing it as I would be just as scared if I were in a similar condition.  She plans to apologize to her therapists in the morning and will make everyone love her again.  We all know she possesses that incredible skill that no matter how much she pisses you off, you can't stay mad at her.

Christy, if you are reading this, you did much better than I did when I was  in the hospital with a brain bleed.  You have been there three weeks and have only blown up once.  I was in the hospital three days and verbally abused just about everyone I came in contact with.  You should be very proud that you have held it together so well and have remained positive throughout this struggle to regain control.  You are, without a doubt, a stronger person than I and I only hope to develop the same level of fortitude you display on a daily basis.  We are very proud of you and love you with everything we got.

PS-  Christy posted comments to the last posting from Saturday night.  Read the comments going forward because Christy plans to pop in every so often since Donald has the laptop up there now.  Gabby will be back on duty tomorrow night, I promise.


  1. Hey mama...I am so sorry that you had a rough day! I can't imagine what you had to go through today...But I can only hope that my words could give you encouragement the next time you deal with something difficult....When things of this world bring you to fear, remember that you have JESUS on your side and that YOU have been touched by HIS hand and COVERED BY HIS BLOOD and because of that, nothing and no one can harm you....Satan wants to place that fear in your heart and in your mind that it will hinder your progression of healing....Don't let him mama, YOU are stronger that because you now belong to GOD and satan is not happy with that, so he will do everything in his power to weaken you.....You, of all people know, that prayer, love, faith and hope conquers all....let it be the same with this situation!! I love you my sister and I know that you will beat this! Besides all of that, I am so proud of you and don't be embarrased by your anger, anyone would've reacted the same way and I am sure that your therapists understood. And I do truly love that side of you, the willingness to forgive and move on, you were always so good at that....I should know, LOL! Missing you tons mama and I hope to skype with you soon. You are always in my prayers and if you ever need to just talk, then have Don call me okay.....Sending choken xoxoxoxo to you and the Colorado fam bam.......Love, Monkey Girl

  2. Oh christy you are doing such a wonderful job with your journey to recovery....I now live in Las Vegas and i am trying to find a car so that i can come out and visit you soon....Since i don't have a job yet i can come and see you and hopefully spend some time with you. Keep up the hard work and i will let you folks know if i am coming..Love you all NELLE

  3. As Monkey Girl said, :) you need to turn to God. In any times of uncertainty, talk to Him because He is always there with you, even if no one else is. He will always protect you and He is covering you and your recovery all the way. With prayers from all over the world... lean on God to see you through this and He will. Your husband has the faith in God... As your husband said, "You don't know the will of my wife and the power of my God." With those two things together... You will be great. God is good, all the time.... turn to Him in all situations.
    Love you and always praying for you. :) XOXOXO