Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okay, let me start out by saying that I am just the messenger in this set up. So, I report the information that I am given by supposedly credible sources. All of our information was gathered from ALAN last night. He apparently was incorrect in his assessment of how long Christy was left alone in the gym yesterday. It was 20 minutes, not two hours. With Christy's level of anxiety regarding the situation, I am sure it felt like two hours for her. Regardless of how long it was, the staff at the Craig are doing an incredible job and you'll see proof when you scan down and review some of the pictures posted. That's enough of a recap, on to today's info.

The highlight of the day would be that Christy is down to having just one tube in he body. The Foley catheter (she she catheter) was removed and Christy is using the bathroom on her own now. They also removed the PICC (big IV ) from her arm that allowed for easy access to the veins (Go easy all you nurses reading this blog, that's what you get for letting a pocho write the blog). So, Christy is down to just having the PEG in her stomach. Christy is eating regular food, but the Doc's want to track her caloric intake for the week to see if they would be comfortable allowing her to remove the PEG. Besides, it doesn't make sense to rush removing the PEG as complications could arise. A good example of a complication would be if Christy accidentally bit her tongue again. It was so painful for her that she had to go back to the PEG feedings for a couple of days until the swelling and pain subsided.

OT and PT were busy again today. They are really pushing her every day for four plus hours. The Doc's may be a little concerned with the way Christy's schedule is written though. They are contemplating changing it up and breaking out the sessions so Christy has longer rest between her sessions maximizing their effectiveness. It does not make sense to push her to the point of exhaustion rendering the rehab less effective.
Highlights from OT/PT were that Christy is really making strides with her tongue improving her speech. Mom and I video chat with her this afternoon and she sounded great considering she had a really long day. Christy also spent a half hour on the bike and a half hour in the standing frame. Finally, they had Christy in a prone position as they do every day to work on her overall flexibility. The basic goal of this one is that she will be able to lie flat on her stomach reaching full flexibility. Christy is almost there with this one as she still has a slight bend in her knees and hips, but according to Donald she is getting real close to being able to lay flat.

The bottom line with Christy's body is that she is making strides daily. Donald said she is displaying a ton more independent movement. She transfers herself to her wheel chair, she is walking with less assistance and she is standing up on her own (showing off for the kids on video chat). Her vision is slowing her down a bit, but she continues to progress with her vision. They tested her vision this afternoon and she was able to determine all of the shapes/pictures she as challenged with.


  1. Good job pocho! Happy Birthday Blog Goddess Gabby. Hopefully you are doing something fun!
    I so missed the day without the blog. I kept checking my computer all day. It is our lifeline to all of you. Chritsy and Donald, we love you!

  2. Lord I thank you so much for all the healing and and strength that you have bestowed upon Christy. And I ask that you continue to rain your blessings on her and her family. You are amazing, and we thank you, for proving your love as many watch you unfold one of your many miracles.I pray that you arm them and protect them from the top of their head to the tips of their toes with The Belt of Truth, The Breastplate of Righteousness, The Shield of Faith, The Helmet of Salvation, The Sword of the Spirit and the Shoes of Peace. Please bless the hands that assist them daily, and I pray a special covering over the rooms where they live. I ask all these things in your most precious name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

    MUAH! Love you Chris & Donald to the sky and back! Carla Funn

  3. You look so good girl!! Kelso and Adrian are boogieboarding in Waikiki as I type worries, cause I told Kelson I'd "Konk" his head if he acted up while you were gone.


    Christy and Adrian