Monday, April 13, 2009

Easer part 3

More pictures to catch us up to speed on yesterday's Mountain event!!  I missed Donald's call tonight and it's too late to wake them in Colorado with the time difference, so I'll catch you guys up on Easter dinner together tomorrow.....

So it looks like this big black conveyor 
belt pulls you up the mountain to the top so you can enjoy the ride down on the snow!!!  So cute, everyone 
lined up ready to ride in their winter gear!!  I want to try that too!! 
Looks like fun!!  

Mom Gail and Christy are lounging and
 relaxing all bundled up at the lodge!  It must be so nice for Christy to get out after
 being stuck at the hospital for so long.   The apartment is a great break from therapy, but this is recreational therapy at its best... and so different from Hawaii!

So I have a picture of the iheartchristy bracelets that are for sale.  They are super cute pink ones.... They are $2.00 each and they can be
 purchased from Christy Jacobson.  She can be contacted at:

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  1. Christy, you are so awesome! Your progress has been absolutely amazing and I look forward to seeing the pictures & reading about the good news every day.

    Of course, that is only made possible because of this blog, so once again - MAHALO Gabby!!

    Lately, there have been several mentions of video clips. Posting to youtube is actually very easy:

    Once the video uploads, it gives you the link that you can copy/paste to this blog and we can watch the vid through the youtube website... looking forward to that :)

    I continue to pray for the whole family and I can't wait to see you all again.

    With Love,

    p.s. Christy, I just had to remind you again that you stole my name! Just don't forget that I had it 1st ;) hahaha!