Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Saturday to everyone!!  Chrsity and Don had a nice relaxing day hanging out together at the apartment!  It was super cool to be skyping with them this afternoon.  We got to watch Christy get off the couch and  into the chair to come to the computer.  Don helped her up, but it's so amazing to see how strong she's become on her feet.  She is moving and standing, and pivoting so well!  Christy's sense of humor is still sharp as ever!  

Don sent us video of Christy at her therapy session.  Christy is standing at the ballerina bar looking things.  She is supported with straps at the knees and one around her butt to stabilize her.  Christy is plugged into her ipod & she starts dancing!! It was just unbelievable to see it in a video!! So cool!  She's got rhythm and beat.   She's got her arms and legs moving.  Dancing away like a rock star!  The therapist were all so impressed with Christy, even Dr. Ripley was there to celebrate!  I think Christy will be walking in no time!! 

Dr. Ripley is talking about switching around Christy's medications to help with her tongue control.  Christy's tongue favors one side, and she has to focus her mouth movements to speak really clearly.  Christy's speech was much clearer before, and Dr. Ripley thinks switching some of her medications will help her to get back there.  

Sunday is another day of rest and relaxation! yay!  Mom Gail will be leaving Honolulu to visit Don and Christy tomorrow night!  She'll get there on Monday.  The kids- Kelson, Nalu & Dylan will go up with Danelle (Don's sister) on Thursday night!  Christy is going to have a heap of loving family surrounding her and giving her strength to push hard to recovery!  Let's all keep them in our prayers for a safe trip and comfortable trip!


  1. Hey Chris,

    You are amazing! Just wanted to say hi from all of us. . .keep up the incredible work. It sounds so exciting that the kids and mom are coming up to vist you. I'm sure you can't wait. Big loves and kisses from Jaden, Callie, and Sydnee too!

    Love always,
    The Piepers

  2. Hey my sister...It was so awesome to skype with you all always keep me laughing no matter the situation....I am so proud of all the hard work that you continue to put forth, cause honestly, I don't know that I could have the same drive and determination that you possess.....And, yes, I am in AWE!!! Ha!! LOL, Shut up Donald ;) Just hearing your voice on every occasion makes me and my family very happy, cause it allows us to remember that minor things that we deal with daily are nothing compared to what you have conquered and I am truly honored to be apart of your life.....Keep up the great work mama....You are the greatest testimony as to how truly wonderful OUR GOD is....My family and I will continue to pray for your recovery, that it may be smooth and pain free.....I love you 4ever and you are always in my thoughts.....until we meet again on skype, good night and may the LORD surround you with HIS angels to protect you from all harm and danger........Good night to the rest of my Colorado fam bam (Don, Alan, and Luis) I love you all so very much.....xoxoxo Rene (Monkey Girl)