Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hello everyone!  Another Sunday-- rest and relaxation at the Huddy camp in Colorado.  Alan sent me the coolest picture today!  Christy was writing the shopping list for the grocery store today... and here it is!!  The first item on the list is OIL!!! Yay!  Christy, you've come a long way, baby!  Christy is ambidextrous.  She is writing with her left hand!  Every day Christy unveils a new blessing.  

I'm attempting to upload a video for the very first time today to the blog!  It's of Christy eating on her own!  It's so amazing to see how far she's made it during the last month at Craig.  It's so awe inspiring.   Christy's coordination is right on.  She gets it on the spoon and right into her mouth! She's listening to the conversation at the same time, and participating in it!! Christy's eyesight is getting better and better all the time!  I love watching it over and over!  
You're doing awesome Christy and we love you so much and are with you each day in spirit!  Have a wonderful week of therapy!

Gail is leaving tonight to get to Colorado tomorrow, we pray she has a safe, comfortable, easy flight!


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