Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday April 17, 2009

Howzit everyone, you got Ka'eo and Gabby combo tonight.  You may be getting Kaeo for the next couple of days since Gabby is working back to back shifts.  There probably won't be much going on during the weekend since she has no rehab, but we will keep you posted nonetheless.  It dumped snow on the Huddy 'ohana today.  Denver got over 24 inches in snow within the last 16-24 hours.  The kids spent some time playing in the snow in the parking lot of the hospital.  Denver is supposed to receive another 24 inches of snow over the next day or so as well.  So, the kids are going to get their fill of snow for some time.

As for the rehab today, Christy spent some time with the light board.  The light board is testing her timed response to a light.  It also tests her motor skills because she has to press the lighted button.  If you remember when I, Gabby was back in Colorado Christy had to do this.  Christy hasn't played the light board game since.  When I watched Christy do it, she needed guidance on where to place her hand almost every single time.  The board is set with a timer, so you have to press the light within so many seconds for it to switch to the next light.  Christy's therapist  had
 to reset the game multiple times the first time.  Today Chirsty was able to hit the lights up to 18 times before she waited too long!!!  That's amazing progress from only getting one or two!!!!!!  I'm so excited for her progression with vision and with sight! Last time Christy could only reach with her left hand, now Christy was punching lights with her right hand too!!! Some of the lights are tall, so it was easier to punch with the left on those, but other than that Christy is ACEing these pretty complicated tasks!! Go Christy!

  Apparently Christy is doing very well with this exercise telling everyone involved that her vision is getting stronger by the day.  Christy also spent some time in the ballerina bars this afternoon working on being able to carry her own weight when walking.  Donald said she is doing very good with both the walking and her vision.

Finally, there were xrays taken on Christy's shoulder blades.  These pitures were taken previously and Dr. Balazio brought them back up for Don to look at.  Dr.  Balazio said that her shoulder is looking good and Christy is doing more and more rehab for that particular shoulder she injured.

Pretty much all good news.  Christy is starting to set goals for herself as well.  She is beginning to challenge herself without pushing from the Doc's and Donald.  Awesome job Christy!

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