Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday April 19, 2008

Nothing to report on the rehab side, but Denver continued to snow again this morning.  It did let up enough that no flights got cancelled.  The kids left Denver this morning and arrived safely back in Honolulu this afternoon.  I am sure that Christy was bummed to see them go, but was happy at the same time because Keli'i arrived for a couple of days.

Keli'i and his family are on vacation in the Bay area, so he took a few days out of the trip to go and spend with Christy.  Hanae's parents decided to take them with them on a family trip to stay at a family friends beach house in the Bay area.  I am pretty sure Keli'i is there for a few days and then our sister Kathy arrives to spend some time with Christy.

Christy and Donald dropped the kids off at the airport this morning and had to wait for Keli'i to arrive.  Christy and Donald got to go and eat lunch at Olive Garden this afternoon while they waited for Keli'i to arrive.  A nice lunch date for the two of them and a chance for some normalcy.

According to Don, Christy is more motivated than ever after spending the last couple of weeks with the kids.  She accomplished the goal of being able walk with some support by the time the kids arrived and now looks forward to the home stretch of her Denver rehab.  She is re-energized and pumped up for her last month and can't wait to get back home to the family.  Keep pushing Christy and we all love you very much.

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