Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday April 16, 2009

Two shakas and a howzit from the Huddy Ohana in Denver. Ka'eo again filling in for Gabby as she is still not feeling good. I am sure she will feel better tomorrow and you guys can get back to having intelligent banter on this site. Anyhow, got the update from Donald this afternoon even though Danelle spent most of the day with her because Donald was running around Denver looking for some football shoes for Kelsen. Kelsen has already started spring practice.
Christy did even more walking this morning during PT. Looking at the pictures you can tell she is gaining strength. PT got evev more interesting today as Christy started the pool workout that she wound up loving. The pool workout is going to strengthen her entire body allowing her to gain her balance back slowly. They use pool rehab with all sorts of injuries including athletic. In fact, it is used in athletic rehab quite a bit.

Her OT was interesting as they worked on her tongue a whole lot today. As you can see in the picture, they have been using the lollipop to train her tongue to get stronger. Currently her tongue continues to give her problems and fall to the right making it difficult for her to speak clearly. Apparently, they use the lollipop to entice your tongue to move towards the lollipop strenghtening the muscles in the tongue the entire time.

Finally, they went back to the good old core workouts. Looking at the picture you'll see her doing some crunches. Christy is really enjoying having the kids there. They are going to have some more fun this weekend since there is supposed to be a couple feet of snow. They are also getting a lot of quality time to strengthen the family bond which is critical always regardless of the situation.
Keep up the good work Christy!

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