Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hello Everyone!  Sorry we missed you yesterday.  It was a day of rest.  Christy and Don just cruised all day long.  Hanging out and relaxing!

Today, we have two new members of the family visiting Christy.  Cathi (Christy's sister) and her daughter Carly are visiting from Washington State!  Cathi also came to Hawaii see Christy while she was in the ICU at Queens in January. Boy what a difference Christy's made in her recovery since then!  Cathi and Carly are visiting until Tuesday.

I had the pleasure of Skyping with the gang today while they were enjoying Donald's yummy Beef Stew.  Christy was being a comedian and was pretending to barf when he asked her how good it tasted!!  That was funny!  Craig's family apartment is such a great place just to kick back and be normal.  They give you a kitchen and a couch, a dinning table, two TVs, it's GREAT! It makes it easy to hang out, talking story, enjoying family... on a Sunday afternoon.  If everyone was stuck in the hospital this whole time.... it would be too clinical.  Craig looks after the person as a whole and that's great.

During our Skype session, the computer was set on a table across the room.  In my view (from the computer camera) was the dining table where everyone was enjoying beef stew.  I said hello to everyone and chatted with Cathi and Don.  I had the pleasure of watching Christy stand up and walk over to the computer with no assistance!!!! It was amazing.  It made my heart happy to see Christy walking!!!  Christy's gait is still somewhat unsteady, so Donald makes sure he is right there next to her in case she needs some help rebalancing or some stabilization but Christy was doing it all on her own!!  So wonderful!! That made my day!  I can't wait till Christy comes home again!

Tomorrow is back to therapy.  We are on the last month of rehab.  Christy will probably be coming home the last week of may. xoxox


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