Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Christy and Donald had kind of a mellow day today.  By the way, the cord that hooks Don's camera to the computer is MIA, so no pictures tonight.  He spent a long time looking for it... I'm sure it will pop up somewhere tomorrow.

Today's big event was Christy's steroid shot in her shoulder.  Dr. Ripley injected the steroid medication into the shoulder around 10am.  Christy was immediately able to raise her arm up over her head when she could only raise it up parallel to her shoulder.  That was the first big thing we saw.  While Dr. Ripley was injecting her shoulder, he was able to fully see the deformity of Christy's right shoulder blade.  When Dr. Balazzi was filling in, Don and the Doc reviewed the old x-rays of her shoulder blade taken from the front of her body.  Dr. Balazzi thought that as far as he could see from the x-ray they had, everything looked OK.  Dr. Ripley thought that it was worth while to get an x-ray specifically to look at the fractured right scapula (shoulder blade) to double check that everything is OK.  Don can't help but wonder if the pins & needles could possibly be caused from the fractured shoulder blade pressing on the wrong place-- a nerve, maybe.  It healed the way it did because there isn't any cast to put on the shoulder blade.  Christy never wore a sling, she was in bed and still asleep for most of the healing.

Christy did a ton of stretching with Physical therapy today.  OT worked on dressing.  Amy is here in Casey's place still.  
Christy is still experiencing nausea, most likely from the increase in medication for motor control.  They are giving her anti-nausea medication, but it doesn't always work.  Christy was throwing up tonight while I was skyping with Donald.  I felt so bad for her.  Don and Chris are going to bring up the continual nausea medication with Dr. Ripley.  The bummer part is that the medication seemed to be working for Christy to help with motor control and with her tongue movements.

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