Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hi everyone!  Christy had a full day of therapy starting with Occupational therapy.  They are still focusing on getting ready in the morning in an aim to get Christy totally independent when she dresses and gets ready for the day.  They also do stretching.  They focus on the upper body while Physical therapy focuses on the lower body. 

This is Christy and mom Gail in the gym while Christy is in the standing frame.  Christy is stretching every day and gaining mobility all the
 time!  Look how strait Christy is standing up!! She's making great progress! She'll be walking anytime now!

Mom Gail also got to sit in on two of Christy's speech sessions with Malea today.  Don and the therapist are spacing Christy's therapies with breaks in the middle so that Christy can make the most out of her sessions.  When Christy was having sessions back to back and two per therapy a day, it was getting overwhelming and tiring.  The busy schedule was starting to wear on Christy and affect her energy to participate in sessions.  So Christy is taking breaks and resting in between sessions to build up energy for each therapy.  

Alan and Luis came over for dinner tonight and Christy & Don & Mom all enjoyed each other's company.  Food sounded yummy!  Christy is coming along fabulously and we are so happy that she's enjoying family and therapies both!!

We love you Christy!

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  1. Hi Poch,

    So good to hear your voice. Keep up the good work. Tell Don we said hi too!

    Love you lots,
    Bren and boys

    P.S. Tell Alan he made my day. Luis is one lucky guy!