Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Christy started her day with OT getting dressed. Christy has been working on getting dressed in the morning since she's been at Craig.  It's an activity of daily living.  And the OT want to make sure Chris is an independent as possible when she leaves.  Christy's getting closer to dressing herself  independently every day!  

Christy had Physical therapy today that concentrated on Stretching, Walking with the shopping cart, and doing the "long lap" that's around 200 feet in distance!!  Christy is building her endurance up!

Christy had speech today and did lollipop exercises with her tongue to strengthen it.  We're aiming for clear speech and effective chewing. Chrsity was able to lick her lips today which shows good muscle strength and control of taht tongue!!  Every day is something new! 

During Christy's pool therapy she worked with hand weights.  Punching them in the water, against the water's resistance!  Christy was using her right (weaker) arm really well, too!!

During Christy's second session of OT, they did
 kitchen work.  Christy was in a kitchen they use at Craig that simulates a regular home's kitchen.  They focus on using her vision to locate things she needs to take care of herself.  If she is going to eat some fruit, they make her open the cabinet and get out the can of fruit (read the label) and pretend to prepare it for herself.  They guide her to choose the things she'll need to eat it... can opener, fork, bowl, etc.  It's practice for when they go home and Christy is taking care of herself.

Christy also enjoyed  her Monday massage by a professional masseuse!  What a fabulous treat for her and her body!  She gets to relax and enjoy the pampering and massaging on her muscles that worked hard in therapy all day.  She also gets to relax and listen to music and let off any stress she's got!

You deserve it Christy!! Love you!xoxo

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  1. Carly and I miss you already. You are one tough woman and I am proud to be your sister. Keep walking, talking and telling Don to shut up.
    We had a lot of fun visiting you and I feel much more comfortable knowing that you are in such capable hands and that you are making dramatic improvements, daily.

    Love you, Cathi