Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hi!  so the video upload kept on failing, and I don't know why.... I'm bummed because it's such a great video!  I'll see if there is customer support or something.
 Anyway, it was back to therapy again today!  We've got some really exciting news!  Donald was cleared to do car & curb transfers by Physical Therapy!!!!!  Yeehaaa!  That means that Don can take Christy out in the car when the kids come!! That's going to be fantastic fun for everyone!!  How cool!  There is even an
area down in the basement on the east side at Craig where they can practice getting Christy in
 and out of the chair!  It's the same place, where they have the practice airline seating!!  Years ago, United Airlines graciously donated airline seats, aisle chairs (shown), and a bulk head, so patients can have an exact configuration of the plane for their airline travel training program!

In the second half of PT they stretched out
 Christy's body.  They also put Christy up on the Ballerina bars.  Instead of having the straps on her legs they had her stand up on her own holding on the the bars and getting used to being up there using her own balance!!  She's supporting herself in preparation to start walking down the aisle!!! Almost there!

Dr. Shraa was on the schedule today and he said that Christy is doing much better.   They did an exercise where she recites back numbers after he says them.  She was up to three numbers at a time that she could recite back in previous sessions.  Today she did FOUR numbers!! Progress every day!!  Christy's memory is getting sharper by the day.

That was the morning report for today!! 

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