Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Howzit everyone! This is Ka'eo checking in to see how the bloggers are doing. Actually, Gabby is sleeping as she just slaved away a twelve hour shift at the hospital and she is scheduled for another one tomorrow. So, you are going to have mostly photos tonight as we were not able to speak to anyone up in Denver this evening.

Based on what I saw from the photos, it looks like Christy's rehab went pretty well this morning. They worked on her hand eye coordination this morning. As you can see from the pics, they had Christy shooting baskets to work on her coordination. According to Don, she had a little tougher time with her right arm.

They also spent some more time stretching Christy out today and the therapist were very pleased about the fact that her legs were able to be straightened flat. You can see in the picture that Christy is a lot more comfortable with being stretched out as she is showing less pain on her face
Finally, these last photos are just showing Don and Chris cuddling and resting between sessions. Overall, judging from the photos, it looks like another day of progress for Christy. She wanted to be walking by the time the kids arrived and accomplished part of that with the steps she took yesterday. I am pretty sure the kids left Honolulu this evening and arrive in Denver tomorrow morning. I know Christy and Donald could not wait to see them and will get plenty of time with them over the next couple of weeks.

Keep up the good work Christy and Donald! We love you.

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  1. Hey Christy & Donald.. We are all so amazed at the progress that has been made!! I'm sure the kids can't wait to see you guys! Keep up the good work.. and we hope to see you guys soon... Love Kanani & Family..