Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Howzit!  Ka'eo here tonight coming at ya straight from the 808!  Just kidding, but this is Ka'eo covering for the Gabster as she has already gone to sleep preparing for another 12 hour shift tomorrow.  Anyhow, Christy had another full day.  Not much new stuff, but a full day nonetheless.

PT was business as usual.  Christy spent some time on the ballerina bars walking today.  As you can see by the picture, she looks like she is doing pretty good.  Damn, her legs look skinny.  Not used to that one because Christy always had very muscular legs.  I am sure after a few more months she will be back to normal.  They also spent some time stretching her again this morning.

As for OT, they spent some time with the independent movements again today.  Christy is getting better every day at being able to dress her self.  She is still having some trouble with her right arm, but Donald says she is gaining more control over it.  He said she keeps it right under her chin because it is more comfortable for her, but as soon as he asks her to put it down she can do so on command.  Dr. Ripley suggested that they give her a shot of steroids in the right arm to assist with the muscle control.  At first Christy was hesitant because she does not like to receive shots.  But, after talking it over with Donald, they are going to talk it over with Dr. Ripley and give it a shot tomorrow.  Dr. Ripley also suggested acupuncture which may be kind of a stretch for Christy because of the needles.

Christy also spent time with Melea, the speech therapist this afternoon.  According to Donald, her tongue is looking a lot stronger.  Christy was in the apartment this afternoon with Alan and Louis and Donald noticed that Christy was licking her lips with control.  She has not been doing that up to this point.  Melea agreed with Donald that she also noticed her tongue is getting stronger.

Tomorrow is another big day.  There is a conference call that is scheduled for 3pm tomorrow afternoon Colorado time.  If anyone is interested in listening in on the call, contact
 Donald on his cell phone tomorrow.  Christy also sees Dr. Keltz tomorrow for her new pair of g
lasses.   On a side note, Donald was showing Christy pictures this afternoon and she was seeing them clearly. She was seeing it clearly enough, that she can finally recognize who the people are in the picture. Up to this point, she would only be able to tell you how many people were in the picture to the right.  More good news every day.  

Finally, Christy has been officially scheduled to be at Craig all the way until May 26.  So, a little more than a month to go and she will be back home with the family.  Damn, the time has gone by very fast since she has been up there.  Can't wait to see her again.

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  1. name is Dana Padilla and I am a Hawn Air Employee who knows both Chris and Alan from my work in reservations and at the help desk. We also have mutual friends in the Takemura family.
    I’ve been praying for Chris and her family and following this blog since the beginning but I finally felt the need to post a comment just to let you know what an impact you are all having on myself and I'm sure countless others. I marked my calendar to remind me to pray every morning at 8am and in following through on this, my own faith has grown and has a new fire. This blog continually inspires me with Chris’ recovery, Donald’s love for her, and the faith and support of her ohana and friends. It is truly a testimony to the person that Chris is. God doesn't make bad things happen but He does turn bad situations into something good and in your willingness to share this story, you are touching lives. Keep up the good work, are truly an inspiration and I can't wait for the day when you will walk up to the altar, stand, and give your own testimony! You Go Girl!!!! Thank you and God Bless you all!!!!