Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Donald got to enjoy POOL THERAPY with Christy today!!  They both got to go into the pool-  more like a huge jacuzzi-  and do therapy.  They did walking in the pool.  Walking with both a walker and without a walker.  The pool therapy is called hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy.  It's supposed to help with symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions like Christy's.  They use the therapeutic properties of water like buoyancy, and resistance. With her body under the water, the buoyancy helps support Chrsity's weight.  This decreases the amount of weight Chis puts on her joints and hopefully  helps with regaining more joint motion and strength and mobility with more comfort.  The warmth of the water during exercises helps relax the muscles and opens up the blood vessels increasing blood flow to injured areas. Since Christy has muscle spasms and tone, aquatic therapy may be especially helpful!  Plus its fun to get into the pool with your hubbie!!

Occupational therapy continues to be doing arm exercises to treat Christy's shoulder.  This is a exercise machine that Chrsity  has been using.  I don't know how it works exactly, but they are focusing on regaining range of motion and strength especially in the right shoulder.  Remember this was the shoulder blade that was fractured.  

Yesterday Kaeo mentioned that they were going to increase a drug of Christy's to help gaining more control over her speech and motor movements.  The drug is called Sinemet or Carbidopa-Levodopa its a combination drug that is usually used for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.  Remember in Parkinson's they have uncontrolled motor movement as well.  This is supposed to help the tongue move better as well, so we're trying it out.  Christy has existing problems with nausea because of her eyes.  Remember when she switched wheelchairs she became more nauseated, etc.  She is affected easily.  A junk side effect of Sinemet is nausea... So we have to wait and see how it affects Christy.   When I was talking to Don tonight, Christy was nauseated.  junk.

We have to get a shout out to Keli'i... since his picture didn't get in either of the two days that he was there.   This is a picture of them in the gym/cafeteria on the mat.  Christy and Keli'i have a special relationship and they were equally happy to see each other and hang.  Keli'i got to witness Christy's therapy at Craig and participate a little.  He even spent the night with her in her room.  

We love you Christy!!!

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  1. Hey mama....it's been awhile since I have talked to you....I am just so happy that you have been blessed with so much company, that I figured it would be better until everyone gets the chance to love you up, as I would be doing too....So I'll try and call you sometime this week!! I miss you sooooooo much and I am very happy to see you progressing as always....I'm sorry that you have your struggles but don't you worry, cause our good Lord has his hands on your problems.....I love you toooo much mama.....as always, I am counting down the days until your return.....Much love, Monkey Girl (Rene) Whats up my colorado fam bam!!! Love and miss you guys too xoxoxo