Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Christy is doing awesome!! She is walking a lot more with Physical therapy.  She is using the walker for balance and some support for now, but is walking a lot!  Christy is putting great energy into her walking and that is why she is so successful!!  I love that Kelsen and Don are wearing their iheartchirsty tee-shirts and Dylan was wearing hers at the mountain yesterday.  Jody is helping Chirsty position her body the right way so she has the most steady gait.  
Chrsity and Jody are here maneuvering the shopping cart.  the cart is also providing some support for Christy.  Craig has a lot of things that you see in everyday life.  Their goal is to get you back to being independent.  I just found out that the kitchen in the gym/cafeteria is for people who are getting ready to go home.
  They are making their own lunch for themselves.  This insures you have some practice making food for yourself for real life!  
We've got Kainalu a.k.a. camera man at work here.  You can just see the deep concentration on his face!  He's documenting Mom's hard work at therapy!

Christy is strengthening her legs out more and more every day.  Chrsity is even in the position where she's stretching towards a forward bend!!!! Wowzers!!  We love seeing continual improvement!

Today at OT they involved the kids too!  It was the end of the day & the game was Tic-Tac-Toe.  Christy played against the kids and she won the first game! Christy was working hard at the game, and practicing her hand, eye, brain coordination at the same time.   Christy lost the last game, and the group lovingly teased she lost... Christy, on first thought, felt they were teasing her and she got upset and frustrated.  Once Christy got her frustration out, and things calmed down, Chrsity felt really upset and bad for losing control of her emotions and acting out.  In a mix of it being the end of the day and the last therapy session, being disappointed that she lost, putting in a lot of effort, having a brain injury, and feeling as if she was being teased, it came to a peak and exploded.  She felt so bad because it was released around the family.  Needless to say, the family all survived as a team and talked it all out.  

We're sending you all our love and energy Christy!! We love you no matter what!


  1. That's okay girl....God has blessed you with an awesome husband and family so they can take it!!! You deserve to blow up every now and've been thru a lot....we love you girl.

  2. Hey, your brother Keith still cheats at scrabble, monopoly, trivial pursuit and whatever else he plays and is losing. We figured it was a Gouveia trait. :)

    You look really good and happy to have the family there.

    Love to you all, Cathi