Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's hump day Wednesday!  Christy had another fabulous day at Craig.  Mom Gail was able to call me and give me the 411 today.  

The great big news today is that Christy took 4 steps on the parallel bars (left)!!! She's walking!!  Christy wanted to go even more, but the therapist wanted to stay conservative for the first day of walking in therapy.  Christy is standing with her legs straighter and straighter all the time!!  

During speech Malea made a funny, and she didn't know why.... Christy was working on enunciating words.  When Christy takes her time she can enunciate the words very clearly.  She was proving this in speech today.  Malea was giving her two word phrases at a time.  About the fifth phrase in she said "BLACK DOG"... Christy started cracking up.  Gail started to laugh too.  Poor Malea had no idea what was happening.  Christy went on to explain to Malea that Filipinos in Hawaii were said to eat black dog on occasion.  As Christy and Mom laughed hard, Melea wasn't sure what to make of it.  She wondered if Christy was serious or telling a joke... could it be?  People eat black dog?  It was funny.  It was a good laugh brake from all the hard work Christy's doing.  

Christy ate really well today!  They had a yummy London Broil with a baked potato and gravy all over tonight for dinner.  Mmm I'm getting hungry again!  If the food is yummy Christy is able to eat well... makes sense.  So Christy is on her way to getting that one last tube out!

During OT today they laid out about 5 or 6 things on the table like a bean bag & a Kleenex box out.  The therapist would say the object and Christy had to reach out and touch it.  This game is like the color game she would play while in the standing frame, except this time is with objects.  They are constantly working on Christy's vision and coordination.  Christy would try to do things really fast, and anticipate what the therapist would say.  She hadn't mentioned bean bag yet, so Christy would hit the bean bag when the therapist started to speak.   Christy would also get ahead by using her memory instead of her vision to hit the right object.  She could remember where that object was placed on the table and hit it when the therapist named it.  Pretty impressive memory skills, Christy.. but the therapist called it "cheating"!  This exercise is focused on Christy using her eye sight.  The therapist moved the objects around and made it harder.... Christy is doing so well.  Improvements every day.  

Mom Gail noticed that Christy is well known at Craig.  Staff members and patients are saying "hi Christy" as they go throughout their day.  These people who watch Chrsity's progress are thoroughly impressed by her rapid progression.  They tell Mom how amazed they are by her determination and strength.   

One last thing... there are iheartchristy bracelets that have been made in Christy's favorite color- pink.  They are super cute & cost $2.00.  If you are interested in purchasing one or some please contact Chrsity Jacobson at   I'll get a picture of them tomorrow, so stay tuned! xo

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  1. Great Job mama!!! I knew you could do was only a matter of time before GOD said, "Chris, stand up and walk"!! So proud of you my sister....Give my love to everyone...I'm sure that you are just having a blast having your family there, especially mom....what a blessing....and now the kids will be there exciting! Anyway, love hearing the good news everyday....Keep up the good work.....always thinking of you and sending you our love in Spirit.....and to my Colorado fam bam, thank you for all that you guys do daily to keep Chris motivated and focused!!! Our prayers are with you as well.....missing you all so much, xoxoxo Monkey girl and Ohana (Rene)