Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Christy is taking her pills well by mouth!!!  This was one of the challenges to overcome to get closer to getting the PEG out.  Christy was having some bad experiences with bad tastes in her mouth with the pills as well.  
They are concerned that Christy may be loosing a little too much weight, though.  Chrsity is being weighed weekly but is loosing weight.  She was up around her normal weight pre-accident, but is now having trouble keeping it on.  Christy eats pretty good for the most part, but has days where she doesn't eat as well.  Christy is also burning up a lot of calories during therapies.  She is walking and doing aquatic therapies all day long.  
They are also checking some blood work to make sure her electrolytes and other labs are optimal.  

Christy is doing an exercise with speech that is helping her pronunciation.  She slaps her knee with each syllable of the word to slow her down and enunciate more.  It's working, so 
that's great. Her speech is getting better and we're hoping that when she comes home she'll have all of her medications just right for optimal speech and coordination of muscle movements.  Dr. Ripley is working on it.  

There was a mini-meeting for an update today with Doctor Ripley & gang.  They gave an idea of where Christy is now and how things are progressing.  Dr. Ripley talked about her medications again. He's always thinking of the best way to tweak her meds to get her in an ideal position to fight the coordination control problems she's having. 

Christy had an eye Doctor visit today.  Christy was trying on some frames for her glasses.  Christy is going to be wearing glasses now.  Donald had to work with the eye glass worker girls to pick a cute pair out for Chris.  Christy can't see perfectly, so it is kinda hard for her to choose frames independently.  Christy's vision seems to be improving daily.  The doctor asks Chris to follow his finger as one of the vision tests.  Originally, she would follow his finger but loose track of it in the middle, then catch up again.  Today, Christy was tracking his finger perfectly!!!  
Christy is impressing us with progress constantly!  Christy couldn't hardly stretch out her leg when she left Queens to go to Craig.  She was contracted.  Now, if Christy had her knee(s) bent up towards her body and asked her to straiten her leg(s)... she could put it down right away and strait out!!  That's so awesome.  All Christy's hard work is really paying off.

Christy, Donald, Alan, Luis, Luis' roommate & Joe and Gloria all went to dinner tonight
 at Olive Garden.  Don's favorite.  It's so fun to go places we don't have here in Hawaii while on the mainland! It's so awesome that Christy can go
 out to dinner off campus with the gang!!  

Christy is progressing every day and so much of her strength comes from the love and prayers sent to her on a daily basis.  So, Thank you for loving and following every day!  

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  1. Hi mama....Sorry for calling your phone so late in the am, but I am just missing you so much.....As always, I am so proud of you....Amazing!!! GOD is so good and so faithful to our prayers.....I thank HIM everyday for you and for your healing, recovery and strength.....I just wanted to share this scripture with you, cause Danelle and I joined a womens devotional (bible studies) online where we read a scripture a day and then just journal to each other about what GOD is trying to teach us. I thought that you could use this scripture as an encouragement when you have bad days.....
    Isaiah 41:13 (New Living Translation)
    13 For I hold you by your right hand—
    I, the Lord your God.
    And I say to you,
    ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you
    This just gives me comfort to know that HE is always carrying us through whatever struggles that we deal with daily. And I just want to say to Don, Thank you for loving Chris the way that you do....I pray that GOD continues to give you the strength to do what you do daily....because you do it so unconditionally, that it reminds me and so many others that we should all try to be the same for our loved ones....I pray that HE continues to lift you up in Faith and guide you in your walk with HIM that anyone who is in contact with you may see GOD's most precious love flowing through you. For I know, just seeing and witnessing what HE has done for you and your family, it has given me the drive to live my life glorifying the one that gave us Christy back.
    Sorry so portagee of me, but I am missing mama so much that I was feeling very sad today and wasn't really able to get out of that funk, but I hope that I may talk to you guys tomorrow. I love you Chris with all my heart, and I thank GOD everyday for blessing me with a sister as strong as you.....Sending tons of hugs and kisses to you......xoxoxoxo Rene