Friday, May 1, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

27 days and counting until Christy can come home.  Sorry, no pictures again tonight because Christy pretty much spent the entire day resting as there was an incident last night.  Christy suffered a seizure last night, but she is doing just fine today and is feeling pretty good considering.

Early this morning, Christy needed to go to the restroom and woke Donald up to assist her.  So, he assisted as she walked over to the restroom.  As she was done using the restroom, Donald was helping her get her clothes back on and asked if she was alright.  Christy responded with "I'm OK."  Donald then began to instruct her on what to do to get back in to bed.  Christy again responded "I'm OK."  Donald told Christy that he was not asking her if she was ok, he was telling her what she needed to do.  Christy again responded "I'm OK."

Donald realized that Christy was acting a little loopy, but he thought maybe she was just drowsy because it was so early in the morning.  So, Donald and Christy walked back over to the bed and climbed back in to go back to sleep.  Donald noticed that Christy was not going back to sleep.  Donald asked Christy again if everything was OK and she responded with another "I'm OK."  Donald asked why she was not going back to sleep and she continued to respond with "I'm OK."  At this point, Donald became very worried as her disorientation was not normal for where she is in her rehab.  So, Donald called the Nurse in to take a look at her.

The nurse that came in took her vitals and started asking Christy questions.  She too noticed that Christy was very disoriented.  The nurse decided that she needed to call Dr. Ripley to ask him what may be going on.  Another nurse that was in the room was massaging Christy's head and noticed some seizure tendencies.  Christy's arm went straight up in the air and then stiffened at her side.  Almost immediately those movements, the nurse noticed that Christy was not breathing, her lip was turning blue and called a "code."  The nurse quickly pulled this cord and it sends some sort of message to every emergency person necessary.  Within seconds, the room was filled with Nurses tending to Christy attempting to diagnose what was occurring.  During this time, Donald also noticed her lip turning blue and her eyes rolled in the back of her head.  The Craig staff thought she may have been having the seizure, so they took her for a CT scan immediately and found no evidence of new damage/injury to her brain.  At this point, Christy was still a little out of it, but was a lot more with it than prior.  She was exhausted which is common after a seizure.

Come to find out, the Craig staff decided to take Christy off of her Seizure meds a couple of days ago because they did not think it was necessary due to the fact the she never showed any signs of a seizure during her stay with them.  They tested her brain activity following discontinuing the seizure meds and she showed no signs of irregular brain activity.  They scheduled another test a few days later which happened to be tomorrow, but Christy had the seizure this morning letting them know that they have to get her back on the meds as soon as possible.

Christy did not have any sort of rehab today because she was so tired from the seizure.  Donald actually decided to hold her out just for today and she will be back to work first thing tomorrow morning.

What a scary night for Christy and Donald.  Poor Donald said that it was one of the most scared situations he had ever been in.  With the grace of God, Christy is back on track after the incident and should be fine with the medication and monitoring of its effectiveness.


  1. PRAISE GOD!! There are going to be obstacles or boulders that the enemy will place in your path my sister, but I want you to always remember that mountains were moved for you. You are here because GOD LOVES YOU soooo much that HE will not let anything happen to you. I told Don to always repeat this scripture when things like this happen, Isaiah 41:13
    13 For I hold you by your right hand—
    I, the Lord your God.
    And I say to you,
    ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.
    I love you and everyone still continues to lift you up in prayer and anxiously awaits your return home, fully restored according to GOD's will!!! With all my love, Rene

  2. Christy,

    I love you and will pray that this doesn't happen, again. Donald, thanks, as always for being there fore her. You are a rock and just a cute as the Rock. :)

    Take Care, and keep working when you feel better.

    Love, Cathi