Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009of

Another day of therapy and hard work!  Christy's day started with a full hour of OT again.   The full hour allows her to do more than get her clothes on.  She is getting more detailed in her morning routine. Getting ready, dressed, teeth brushed, lotion on her face, hair brushed, etc.  
This first picture on the left shows Christy with Casey from OT.  They are in her room at the sink.

PT with Jody today was more of the same stretching and being in the gym on the padded mats.  Some strengthening exercises with the balance ball up 
against the wall were done.  Christy is working legs in this picture (right)!  Jody has Chris in some Yoga pose in this picture on the left! Go Chris!

The most exciting thing that happened today was that Chrsity's 
laceration over her eye is healing!!  She got her stitches out today, yay!!  We didn't post the pictures of Christy's face with the bloody open cut, but you can see from this picture the large cut to the left of Christy's eye!  Ouch!  Lucky thing Christy is still as beautiful as ever!

Have a wonderful evening!

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