Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hi!  Christy had another great day!
 Occupational therapy was extended to an hour today.  They wanted to have a little more time to work on other things after dressing.  With the extra time, Christy was able to brush her teeth, comb her hair and apply facial lotion.  
After OT, Chrsty and Donald walked to Physical therapy.  You can see
 Donald and Christy walking to the gym for PT in this picture.  Jody from PT is sanding with them.  At PT Christy did a lot of stretching,
 exercises for posture, and range of motion exercises. Jody from PT said that with all the "tone" Christy's body isn't strait, so she showed 
Don multiple exercises to work on posture with Chris.  After PT, they went to Standing Frame with Dan.  Christy walked to every one of her classes today!!   Don and PT Jody discussed that Sanding frame isn't necessary for Christy if she is having too busy of a day and is tired. It is an ongoing custom made schedule.  Whatever is working best and giving Christy the most benefit is what should be done.  That will change from day to day as well. 

 Today Christy & team decided to rest before speech with Melea.  Melea's exercise today was for Christy to name all of her children and immediate family members.  Melea was focusing on Chrsity's annunciation of all of the names correctly but this was obviously a memory game as well.  Melea also mentioned that she will be envious of Christy's next Speech Therapist.  She said that as Christy continues to get better and better, they will start to remove Christy's medications.  Things will come easier and easier!

Christy ended her Monday  enjoying her weekly massage!! XOXO

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