Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Christy had a great day full of therapy & spending time with family! We have some pictures from Christy's afternoon PT session today.  Her Physical Therapy session cut short this morning, so she ended up meeting with Jody again this afternoon.  Chris is here on the mats doing a bunch of stretching and core exercises!  Mom Gail got to spend another day with Christy and had a wonderful time.

Jody Leong called Donald today asking how Christy was progressing... she was unable to get a crew from ABC Denver to come to the hospital, so she did a follow up phone interview today.  The interview will be airing on KITV 4 (Chanel 6) Thursday night at 10:00PM.  So tune in on Thursday night!  

In case you haven't read in a previous blog, 
there are Christy Huddy silicone wristbands for sale.

The bands are pink with Maroon writing.  
They cost $2.00 each & all proceeds go to the BOH iheartchristy fund
Contact Info:

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