Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hi gang! It's gabby.  Wanted to let you know that the blog will no longer be daily, but here and there!  Christy is doing wonderfully and is slowly adjusting to the heat!!  She's been having quite a few social activities going as everyone is ultra excited to have her home.  The Lopes were kind enough to host a family gathering at their home/Kamehameha dorms today!  The family was in full effect and Christy was delighted to talk stories with everyone!  Christy is walking fabulously and enjoying being with family again.  She was ono for some Haupia Pie, so Tori was happily able to pick one up on her way to the gathering!  

Christy has been an inspiration to us all on a daily basis.  We thank God for giving us Christy back constantly.  And how lucky I feel to be a part of such a wonderful family who has stayed strong in love during this entire journey.  It's always been about Christy and banding together to help where we can.  I guess our love for one another has inspired others who didn't know Christy.  People have been watching her story on KITV 4 (Christy even stars in their commercial!) and reading the blog.  If you've been reading the blog, I asked if anyone could help Brenda Inouye sell some candies.  Brenda got an email from Stepanie DeCambra offering to help her sell.  During a conversation Brenda asked Stephanie if she knew Chrsity, and she said she just started reading the blog, felt the love, and wanted to help!!  Turns out Stephanie helped sell 3 1/2 cases of candies!!  Can you believe that!! Wow!  So we wanted to say thank you to Stephanie for reaching out and giving a hand.  

Take care all of you out there and I'll be in periodically to give an update!  XoxO, gabby


  1. Hey Christy and Donald

    It was so nice seeing u guys yesturday at the pa'ina. Christy looks so good and I'm so happy that she is doing well. I'm glad I had the time to spend with her. Take care and God bless...

    Love the Fukunagaz

  2. WELCOME HOME CHRISTY & DONALD. Gabby, thank you for sharing with us and all who love and care for Christy, her healing process. Thank the Good Lord for giving Christy back to us. Christy is such a positive insipiring influence in our lives. We'll be seeing you all very soon. Can't wait to see Christy and give her a big hug. Aloha