Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It is going to be very brief this evening. Donald and I mostly discussed the nightmare he dealt with getting the flight arrangements made. Medicaid people were jacked up, but that is another story for another blog.

Anyhow, we have great news. Christy and Donald will be arriving home at 252pm on Friday May 22nd on United airlines. If interested, I think the best place to greet them would be at the baggage claim since no one can go to the gate. Also, there will be a get together Saturday night and Lorene and Sonny's house to welcome Christy home. Don't know the details at this time, stay tuned as I will try to make sure that I add it to a later blog post.

Christy missed a lot of her rehab stuff today because they had another appointment with the eye doctor. It was another assessment that they wanted to squeeze in before she came home to see where her vision has improved. Other than that, Don did not give me much detail. I know for a fact most of today and all of tomorrow is going to be spent packing.

Christy and Donald are super excited to be coming home. A lot of people who have not seen Christy in a couple of months will be very happy and surprised to see how far she has come. A warning here, make sure you bring some tissue because it is enough to make even the toughest persons break down.

That's all for now. I will try to get more details posted tomorrow night. If you can make it, please join us on Friday at the airport. Christy will be very happy to see everyone there.

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  1. Donald and Christy--safe travels home to both of you! All of our love, Teri Ann And Keith