Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Happy CiNCO de Mayo to everyone! Cinco de Mayo (May 5th in Spanish)is the day the Mexicans won the war against the FRENCH who were undefeated for a super long  time.  It is commonly mistaken for Mexican independence day which is actually in September.  I had to look it up today because I was curious.  It's actually not that big of a deal in Mexico, but us Americans will have any excuse to go out to meet our friends for Mexican food and beers/ margaritas!  I hope everyone had a good one!

This first picture of Christy is of her waiting for Physical therapy to start today!  She looks so good with her new glasses and hair by Donald.  He's really getting good at styling her hair!  Good Job Don!
 Jody from PT was working with Christy again today!  I love her shoes! So fun! Sorry, side note! She is trying to do an exercise that isolates her hip. 
 Jody said that Christy's right side is a little weaker, so she tends to 
drag that side a little.  So in these pictures, Jody is trying to do exercises that isolate and work the right hip only to strengthen it.

Christy is strong, though.  Just guess what she did today!!  SHE WALKED TO EVERY SINGLE CLASS TODAY WITH THE WALKER!! Holy Moly!!!  We were so impressed when we heard that from Don.  And everyone at Craig is noticing too! Christy and Don have been there every day for the last two plus months, so they've gotten to know the people at Craig. They see how well Christy is doing and they complement her!! Chris walks down the hall and the nurses, other patients, docs, therapist... everyone is full of nice things to say!!  They love seeing Christy walking all over the place out of her wheelchair!  Christy 's endurance is really working its way up!  Christy wasn't as tired today as she was yesterday, and she was working it!!  Isn't that so incredible!!  She especially noticed the renewed energy in her legs!! 

During her second session of Occupational Therapy the OT started to put foam pads
 around her brush, toothbrush and lipstick.  They had done this with her fork during a previous session to help her grip the base better. Christy noticed immediately that she had a much better handle on things with the foam pads, so it was very helpful.  As you can see, Christy is brushing her own hair really well!! Go Christy!! You look awesome!! xoxo until tomorrow!

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  1. Christy,
    Your hair looks beautiful. I love your glasses, you are rockin them. We miss you so much. We also miss Don. Don you made us laugh with some funny stories. I hope that I get to come to HI this summer to visit and see all of the progress that Chris has made.

    Love you, Cathi