Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Christy's day started out well.... just like other mornings, Occupational therapy came to work with Chris on dressing herself.  She is getting more independent all the time. 
After OT she had PT for one hour. Donald encouraged Christy to use the walker to walk to PT instead of using her wheelchair today!!  They walked from Christy's room all the way down the hall to the gym/cafeteria!!  They bumped into their Physical Therapist, Jody,  as they were walking down the hall.  She was on her way to Christy's room to get them, so she joined them 
on their walk to the gym.  Jody and several other therapist, nurses and even patients commented on how well Christy was doing!!  They were so surprised to see her strolling down the hallway.  Don thought of stopping at the table near the nurses station on the way to the gym to give Chrsity a rest.  He thought she may even need to ride the rest of the way and thought 
about going back to her room to get her wheelchair.  Jody suggested to keep Christy going and even try to pick up the pace.  Once in the gym, Jody suggested that they try and put her on the 
treadmill to see if Christy could 
speed up her walking.   Christy did about 5 minutes on the treadmill at seed 1. She did great!
After walking on the treadmill, PT did allot of stretching exercises on the mat.  Since her seizure, Christy has been really tired.  She slept the entire day yesterday, only getting up to eat. 

PT must have really tired her out because she was exhausted during her next session which was speech therapy.  Christy could not even make it all the way through her speech therapy session. They also skipped the second session of OT.  After a long nap
 Chris was able to make it to her last speech session and her therapeutic recreation session.  
Therapeutic recreation is fun for Christy.  She's been doing a
n ongoing ceramic project that is a spitting image of NEMO!  Christy really enjoys arts and crafts time!

Christy really enjoyed her Monday massage at the end of the day.  After a hard day's therapy, it probably feels so good to get pampered.  

We are still working on Christy's progress with eating.  Her chewing continues to be a challenge for her.  Gaining perfect control of her tongue has been an ongoing battle as well as keeping enough calories on board so she doesn't loose any weight.  Donald still helps her to eat so it's a little more efficient.  It still takes about an hour to an hour and a half to eat one meal.  That adds up to around four and a half hours eating a day.  Craig therapy also wants her to get enough rest in between sessions so she can get the most out of them.  It's a full day everyday at Craig for both Christy and Donald.  Don remains a pillar of strength for Christy, as he is her support day and night.  Let's all send prayers and positive thoughts towards Don and Christy as they travel through these last few weeks at Craig.  

Mom Gail will be visiting again for the long weekend.  She leaves on Thursday and will spend mother's day with Christy and Don, Alan, and Luis.  She plans to return on Tuesday.  It is always so comforting to be around family when you're far from Home.

 We love you Chrsity & Don!

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