Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hi everyone!  Today was a wonderful day in Colorado for Chris, Don, Alan, and Luis. Dosen't Christ look so BEAUTIFUL!

Alan and Luis picked up Christy and Don and took them back to the house for a lovely breakfast!  Luis pulled out his Chef skills and made the traditional Haole breakfast biscuits and gravy!!!  It was the first time Don actually ate biscuits and gravy, but he really enjoyed it and commented how delicious Luis made it.
 After breakfast, they all just hung out till about three 
O'clock and Luis suggested that they should take Chris out to get
 waxed.  They went to a salon called Antuan's.  Chrsity ended up getting waxed, plus enjoying a hair cut and 
color!!  There are a bunch of pictures here of Christy enjoying her services!!!  It must feel like heaven to get your hair done after not being able to go to the salon for so long!!   The lady in the red shirt with Chrsity and Don is the stylist who did Christy's hair!!
By the way, if you look closely on the hand that is holding Christy's soda, you'll see her "iheartchristy" pink bracelet.  
They are still available:   
Christy Huddy silicone wristbands for sale.
Pink, with embossed
 maroon writing.
$2.00 each ( all proceeds go to BOH iheartchristy fund ).

After hair and waxing, they enjoyed a dinner at Haciendas!  Christy at an empanada-- Kaeo's favorite! 
When they got back to the hospital, Christy took her 9pm medications and went to bed.  About a half hour later, Christy threw up her medication again!  We're not sure why this keeps happening, but it's getting old.  Christy got her anti-nausea medication and was able to go to sleep.  The nurse called the doctor to see if he should give Christy all of her meds again.  When you take meds, and throw them up a half hour later, we're not sure how much of the medications were already absorbed.  The question is do you have half or all again.  It's not strait forward. Christy's KEPPRA - the seizure medication was in those meds. They don't want another seizure... so they gave her the medications again through the PEG.


  1. Damn, HOT MAMA!!! Love it!!! You're looking more like yourself. You must've loved that head massage!!! It was so great talking to you this am.....I can't wait until we can hang out you and miss you tons....Thanks Colorado Fam Bam for taking Chris out for a what looks like a relaxing and much needed pampering day!!!! Love you all, Rene

  2. WOW! so U'I! Love it...u deserve it. I'm so happy to hear that u are doing great. I can't wait till us 2 potagee's get together and talk story. I miss u very much.
    Take care and god bless...