Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday May 7, 2009

Howzit everyone. This post is going to be very brief. Christy went through a normal day of rehab where she spent time in OT, PT and did some pool work as you can see by the picture. Everything was going well until Christy had a little accident.

You guys all saw the new bed that Christy and Don were given in a previous post. Well, Christy was sitting on the edge of that new bed later in the day. I spoke with both Donald and Christy about the incident, so I am pretty sure it is an accurate portrayal of the even.

Anyway, Christy was sitting on the edge of the bed. Donald was talking on his cell phone with the insurance company about coverage and other reimbursement type things that they are eligible for. Christy said that she was feeling a little nauseous which has been common since her vision is still not that clear. According to Christy, she usually leans a little forward when she is feeling nauseous and lessens the effect. Neither Donald or Christy was sure how it happened, but Christy lost her balance sitting on the edge of the bed. She apparently leaned to far forward and kept going. Christy fell off the bed basically doing a headfirst dive directly in to the wall.

Christy was immediately scared and Donald heard Christy and came running over. Donald called for the nurses and they rushed in to assist. Christy suffered a pretty good size gash over her left eye that required 12 stitches (don't quote me on this one, even Donald estimated). They ran a CT scan right away to make sure that Christy did not suffer any damage that was not visible and everything came up fine.

When speaking with Christy during the afternoon, she said that she felt OK, was not nauseous and was resting fine. According to Donald and Christy, she was not suffering from any concussion type symptoms. The docs are going to keep an eye on it to make sure that she has not suffered a concussion and we will keep you posted about it.

Christy was scared, but was a real trooper about it. She is going to be just fine and Donald is already making plans on how he is going to minimize scarring for Christy. Christy is going to experience some bumps and bruises throughout rehab, hopefully none of them is going to be this severe. Keep pushing Christy and I can't wait to see you next week. We love you so much!


  1. You poor thing. How scary for you both. Donald, are you sure you didn't push her out of the bed? Nah, only joking.

    Well, the picture in the pool looked good. It must have been before the accident.

    My love to you all and Aunty Gail.

    Love, Cathi

  2. Hi honey..I'm so sorry you fell..we all love you guys so's're doing so good!!!! Keep working hard honey...can't wait to see you and Don when you come back to Hawaii!!!! I'm looking forward to sitting in Pearl City High School stands with you watching Kelson and Adrian play football next year!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day Christy and Aunty Gail. We love you, Teri Ann & Keith

  4. Happy Mothers day Christy!!!

    We love u and Miss u too!!

    LOve always,


  5. I'm sorry that happened to you Christy! but your a trooper! its just one more obstacle that you had to overcome! you'll make it through like you have with everything else! I wanted to wish you a Happy Mothers Day Momma:) & I'm hoping your day was wonderful:) your so awesome & everything that you've overcome within these last couple of months have made you stronger because of it! keep on keeping on! at dinner today I raised one up for you! you go girl! & God is always besides you! I'm hoping you remember me! I remember the spunky pocho that I'd last seen in 95" may God continue to Bless you & your Fam. Love you always, Janell....