Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today's blog is comming directly via Donald...

"8:30 OT- Well I didn't read the schedule right this morning. I got chris up early so we could eat and be ready for class which I found out that OT was supposed to get her dressed and ready. So when OT came in all they had to do is help her put on her jacket and brush her teeth"

"0900 PT- All we did for PT was range of motion. Chris was not really into it today.

0930 OT- They had some questions last time about Chris's left arm so the re-did the test for sensitivity. They did the Q-tip and then the safety pin and she did well.

1000 Speech- Melea did more exercises with her tongue. She did the exercise with the wooden stick and pronouncing letters. Remember when I told you that her tongue was weak going to the left, well Melea got a Q-tipp and placed vanilla pudding on the outside of her left lip and she asked chris to try and lick it. This was great because she would force her tongue to go to the left, it was hard but she eventually did it. Melea wanted to see Chris eat so she can upgrade her food, but like I said earlier chris was not feeling it today so I doubt we will get the upgrade.

1400 PT- PT upgraded Chris's wheelchair they gave her one that she will have to stay more upright. It took the whole session to change out the wheelchair, you Know how technical they get with that. But Chris is adapting well to the new chair.

1430 Standing Frame- We did not have this on our schedule but since chris was not having it today, I asked them if I could put her in it. Once she was in it, I pumped her up to about 3/4 with no pain. We stayed their for a while and then she insisted that we go up more and more until we were about 6 inches away from standing straight up.

Well that was our day. Christy's attitude is still positive and her will is still strong. SHE WILL WALK OFF THAT PLANE. The power of prayer and my FAITH in the lord is way too strong! "

Thank you Don! We're all behind you Chris, stay strong and we love you so much!

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  1. Hi Chris and Donald,

    You look awesome Chris! I don't know where you scrape up all this energy....I'm tired just listening to your schedule! You both give us inspiration to know that nothing is impossible. It's how much you want it and how much you're willing to put in to get it. As I said before.....even now you're still teaching us how to be such an incredible person. There's no one like the both of you!

    Still sending warm thoughts to you with tons of prayers and best wishes.

    Our love to all....
    Charla and Wyatt