Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hi everyone!  Having some technical difficulties getting the pictures from Don today.  But we'll have them up tomorrow!
Don and I talked about Christy's progress on Friday, too.  The newest thing she's doing is with
the ballerina bars.  Since she's doing so well on the Mat standing and moving (left), she's 
advanced to the bars.  They have her strapped at the legs in two places to hold he steady & supported.  She has to do the rest of the balancing
 and stabilizing to stand in front of the bars! Fabulous!   She was having a combo OT & PT class, and OT worked on her vision at the same time.  They had a color "toy-like" thing.  They tell you to put the cup on "green", then when you get it, they tells you "now 
put the cup on blue".... and so on.  Christy is awesome with all the colors, especially blue, red, orange, & purple... yellow and green gives her a hard time sometimes, but that's OK.  Christy is standing and concentrating on her color exercise at the same time.  

Christy was on "skype"with the  kids tonight!  Skype is like telephone on the computer with webcam video.  You can see each other on the computer screen.  Christy was pulling herself up to a standing position to show the kids how well she's doing!!!

It's the weekend, so Chirsty & Don hang out and enjoy each other's company- no therapy.  They spend time at the apartment and get some R&R in to get ready to tackle another week of therapies!  


  1. I really enjoyed our talk today was so much feels as if we are in the same room and having our daily talks....I love you and I am anxiously awaiting your return you till the end of time my mama.....xoxoxoxo Monkey girl

  2. Hello everyone from Colorado. Donald and I have been reading all of the wonderful comments that everyone has been posting to Christy and she wanted the chance to say something.

    "Hi everybody. It's me, Christy. I want to thank everyone for their love and support. You guys are all awesome. I never knew that I had such an impact on everyone's lives. Although I hope that this never happens to any of you, I hope that I can be there for you and your families if you ever have the need.

    Every day, when the pain is too much to handle, I think of all of the wonderful things that everyone is doing for me and it helps me to push through.

    Peace out, dogs.

    Love you,

    Please keep sending all of your prayers and thoughts to Christy. They are truly making a difference. We'll make sure to have her send you messages more often.

    Love from Colorado,
    Alan (and Don and Luis)