Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Celebration day!!  We will see you all tonight at Christy's Fundraiser! Auntie Bev has volunteered to be with Christy tonight.  Auntie Bev is Auntie Maggie's sister.  Maggie is Mom Gail's partner in Lady's K.  Auntie Bev helped raise all the Gouviea kids.  She loves them like they were her own.  I love how she is so calming.  Auntie Bev knows the right things to say, and will just sit and hum quietly to Christy.  Her love is powerful!  

So, we'll see you at Pipeline Cafe tonight! Remember, if you haven't bought your ticket, you can just come to the door and purchase one for the same price $30.00. Bring cash to buy your raffle tickets!!!  

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the raffle and spent their own personal time organizing, running errands, creating things for the fundraiser, and donating monetarily.  Christy is going to heal, learn to walk, and then run because of these efforts.  Christy has awaken from her slumber to be a part of our lives again.  The entire process has been such a heartfelt collaboration.  The entire family thanks you with love!!

The family will be wearing iheartchristy Black Tee-shirts.  White ones will be on sale for anyone else!  Please enjoy yourselves and the fact that we are Celebrating a miracle in Christy! She sure is some kind of wonderful!

until tomorrow! gabby 

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