Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today was a day of sleep. Christy didn't have a restful night last night. Unfortunately, Christy was in a a lot of pain and was unable to get comfortable despite some medications that the nurse tried to give her. We have to discuss a new plan with the Doctors (as far as medication) in case Christy has another painful night. Christy is able to tell us now that she is in pain. She was saying that pain was in her foot. We can't tell exactly why Chrsity is having pain. Maybe it's muscle spasm. This is why Chrsity needs to get to Craig as fast as she can. Please keep your prayers focused on Christy getting to Craig. They have the experience and the expertise to help Christy with her specific needs. The only thing that they can do for her while she is at Queens is to give her pain medication. It isn't their fault that they are not a neuro-rehabilitation center, but it is a reality. We need to be doing for Christy what she needs. Is it stretching at that time? A muscle relaxer? She does still get a muscle relaxer at a routine time, but should there be a dose when she needs it? I wish I had the answers for her to keep her from suffering. It kept her from sleeping all night, and Mom Gail advocated for her with her very best effort. Calling the nurses in and getting her pain medications. Mom Gail called Donald this morning around 4am, not knowing what else she needed and Donald came to the rescue. He climbed into bed with Christy, held her, and soothed her. Christy got to sleep for 15 plus hours. With Donald in the bed, Christy felt comfortable and could sleep the day away. I called Donald tonight around 9pm or so. Donald said that Christy had just woken up. He then let me talk to her on the phone. Christy was talking to me, clearly, but slowly. She said she wasn't in pain. She sounded great! I'm hoping that she has a restful night tonight. Tomorrow is Monday and the therapy and exercising will be in full force.
For the very first time, Christy was asking Donald "What happened to me?" Christy is becoming more and more aware of everything that is going on. She is speaking in sentences, and listening to any conversation she is interested in. Chrsity's determination is showing through every day. Christy's sleep is vital to her recovery. It is vital to healing her brain completely. Sleep is healing medicine.
Chrsity's stoma (hole in her neck from the trach) is still covered with a gauze. It is closing slowly but surely. The doctor who removed it said it would take about a week to heal. It's shrinking daily, and soon it will be healed over. Speech therapy wasn't around to see Christy this weekend. I anticipate them being around tomorrow, and probably trying more "po trials" (Taking something by mouth). As long as she's alert enough, they will give her something to eat. Christy is managing her saliva well (not drooling) which is the first sign of good swallowing and awareness of what is going on in her mouth. Until Christy can get enough calories from eating whole meals, they will continue her tube feedings with the PEG tube.
We look forward to another day of healing and rehabilitation. We hope for an approval from HMSA, and a date that we will be traveling to Craig in Denver Colorado. We are so grateful for your support and love. Thank you for being with Christy everyday in spirit and prayer. Every single one of you who follow Christy's Healing Journey, and pray for her recovery (at 8am or throughout the day) are all part of why we have witnessed a miracle in Christy. Thank you for your steadfast love and constant strength.
Until tomorrow, Big big hugs, gabby

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  1. Christy,

    I'm praying daily that HMSA says yes, or that I win the WA lottery and can send you. :) We love you and are so excited and encouraged to read about your progress.

    Take Care and keep fighting so you can have the diet coke.

    Love, Cathi