Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009: 35 days since admission

Today Christy had an equally amazing, if not more amazing day than yesterday.  Christy is awake, alert and responding.  Christy was smiling so much while I was with her this morning.  She is amazing!  Christy is the very most responsive to Donald-- which makes perfect sense. Don has been at her side each day, talking, loving and reading.  His voice is the most familiar and comforting.  Christy finds his crazy jokes and sense of humor so amusing!  Christy is smiling at little jokes, and it's so so wonderfully purposeful!  

Even the staff are commenting all the time.  There are two employees who walk through the hospital and turn 
patients.  That's their job- reposition patients to help prevent skin
 breakdown that will develop into bed sores.  There is one male and  one female.  They have seen Christy throughout her stay on the 9th floor.  They came  in today and were saying that she smiled at them when they were talking to her and calling her by name.  The guy was saying it is so great to see her calm and not kicking and agitated and not sweating up a storm. They clearly observed her go through stages and are so excited for her progress!  That is so cool.  I had a perma-grin today-- just so so happy!  We're so so so so so so thankful for Christy's progression, and it is so BIG TIME that she is responding so much.  

Christy is doing so much, I thought I'd ask her to show two fingers. I tried last night, but I think she was too exhausted.  Today I got close to her and asked her to show two fingers, and I showed her my two fingers (looks like a peace sign) and asked her to copy my fingers.  I repeated my self a couple times, because I'm reading a book called "my stroke of insight"
 writen by a brain scientist who expereinced a massive brain hemmorrage from the inside.  She says that although she was in there, she couldn't do things as fast as people wanted her to.  She states that she 
wish people would speak slowly, close to her and repeated what they said a few times, so she could register what they were saying.  Anyway, this book is very interesting for me to read and is giving tips and insight on what Christy may be needing and what she may 
be experiencing.  It's cool.  Anyway, I repeated myself a few times.  I was so close to her face and concentrating only on her right hand in front of me, I couldn't see her left hand.  Donald asked me, "is a pointer and a thumb good enough?" And I look up at her left hand and it looks just like Barack Obama's hand looks in this picture
 to the right!! And I say, "OH! (surprised) she's doing it right there!" And we all laugh, and so does Christy!! It was so great.  I think Christy is still regaining control of her hands.  They are no longer in a fist, but she only points her thumb and pointer finger right now.  She is still regaining control of all of her fingers, and fine motor movements!!  

Christy isn't quite able to shake her head yes and no consistently, but she sure has control over her eyes.  She can hold them closed for "yes".   And it's unmistakable.  She holds them shut for a very long time, not just a blink.  We were asking her if she wanted to talk to her brother Alan, close her eyes, and she held them closed for a very very long time.  Prior to this she had her eyes open and awake, observing and following conversation.  Don says "I taught her that today!!"  hee hee.  She held her eyes closed for yes quite a few times to answer questions.  Otherwise she just keeps looking around and does not close them.  It's so so cool.  I have to keep pinching my self because I'm co
nstantly witnessing a miracle.  Can't wait till Christy gets to Craig.

Craig will be good for everyone.  Christy will be getting the cutting edge, specialized neurological treatment from the best in the country.  She will have the greatest chance of success there.  Christy will be near Alan, her brother, whom she loves dearly.  Alan will get a chance to help Christy along on her healing rehab journey.  Christy will be in Colorado, although far from us, it will allow her to get adequate rest.  Christy will be needing tons of rest to muster up all the 
energy she will need to focus on rehabilitation.  We want her to use all of her energy to rehab the rest of her body and mind.  Everyone loves Christy so much and wants to talk to her and see her respond.  Although, we all have her best interest at heart & want to stimulate her brain, this can be draining.  So Christy will be able to rest and focus on rehab in Colorado and family and friends here can rest and get ready for her return. Christy will need all her friends and family to help her when she gets home still.  She will need to get to doctors appointments, maybe help with the kids going to their activities, maybe help cooking or whatever.  We can all rest up too, for whatever Christy needs when she returns home to us!

Guys from the Olomana Hope Chapel's motorcycle ministry  were in praying with Christy today. It was very cool.  They came to pray because someone knew Don from work.  They brought all their friends. As it turns out they knew a few people that Donald knew.  And as it turns out, one of the men was former patient of mine!  He came into the ICU at Struab very sick, and I remembered his story!  It was crazy.  He looked fabulous, and he's back on his bike and looking good! He said that his friends have to tell him to slow down! really unbelievable!  Thank God for all his blessings!

 I just can't wait to see Christy tomorrow! The constant love and energy flowing to her is healing her day by day.  We are so incredibly thankful for all the prayers and love.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  

P.S. I'm sorry that I spelled Charla's name wrong in the previous blog.... Also Bob Gilbert, my apologies for getting your whole name wrong.  It was very late, and we thought we remembered correctly.  I'm very sorry.  Thank you guys so much again, really for donating your flight benefits to Don and Mom Gail.  It was very selfless of you!

Also, FYI: people have been having difficulty depositing money into the iheartchristy fund at Bank of Hawaii.  It is just one word-- "iheartchristy" just like the blog address.  That will help the teller find the account better! thanks!


  1. Christy... your are soo amazing! It's heartfelt to hear your progress everyday changing for the better. Every night before we go to bed, Jayson prays for us, our family, you, Don and your family. He's deligent every night and never forgets... Jay never forgets to check the blog everyday and night, looking for new progresses since he's always working. We want you to know that we love you and think about you everyday. Your courage and strength runs through our veins, as we move throughout our day which makes us greatful that we have each other and our family. We love you Chris, and can't wait to see you again...love you girl-Trish and Jay

  2. Very happy to hear about your progress, Chris. Knew it would happen, just a matter of time, good lookin'! :)

  3. Hiya Christy:

    This is cousin Gwen & David. We met your friend, Bev Leuder, today and got tickets from her for the benefit at Pipeline Cafe.

    We watch your progress everyday on Gabby's blog. You are really truly AMAZING!! Your healing progress has been fantastic!! I need to talk to your Mom, Gail, hopefully tonight, as David and I would like to donate all of our Hawaiian Miles to your Mom so she can visit you when you go to Craig rehab Hospital in Denver, Colorado. I know you will absolutely florish there and be home soon.

    We all love you so much and we constantly pray for you to get better.

    Hugs and Kisses, Love,
    Gwen & David Bell

  4. wow! amazing! hi gabby, it's lena, kanani's friend...i didn't know she was awake! i'm so glad she's making progress they way she is right now. it's only going to get better. it brought tears to my eyes.. i can never keep it together..and i don't even know her personally! but i have to say i'm so glad i got to meet her and her family, you too! life... you can never take it for granted.