Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So, I think everyone who reads the blog must have been wondering what the heck i was talking about in the blog last night.  It was so polite of you guys not to mention a thing in your comments, or to me in person! HA!!  Well, I just finished reading the blog myself and was dying laughing.  I had to wipe the tears off my face!!  Holy crap.  I can't even guess what I was trying to say with the carpool and job thing! yikes.  I have to admit that I was celebrating Christy waking up and had one too many. I was so tired by the end of the post last night.  I did ask Kaeo to please read the blog when I was finished, and he agreed... next thing you know "snnnnhhhh" -- SNORING!!  So I promise that tonight I am not under the influence of any kind (Unless Zippy's is adding some secret ingredient into the Won Ton Min)!

Kaeo and I just got back from the hospital.  Christy was visiting with her good friend from Hawaiian, Carla.  She was cracking everyone up with all her jokes, in true Christy style.  Carla was explaining how she was here to attend Christy's party & Christy was saying "cool!"  Carla was saying she was so excited to see her talking so much, and commented that Chris had so much to say!  Christy replied "Portagee (that's why)"!  We all roared in laughter"  Carla said she was glad Christy was awake because all she wanted was for Christy to say "Hi" to her!  Christy told her, "And you got so much more!"  We love listening to Chrsity talk.... making us laugh all the time!
Christy had some intense physical therapy today.  She went down to the Physical therapy department again to stand up in the "standing frame".  Christy is getting stronger and stronger every day!  The difficult part is that Christy is getting cramps in her muscles.  Mostly in her legs.  They seem very frequent and they are painful.  Mom Gail said that you could really see her toes bend down in an unmistakably "cramp" fashion.  Now that Christy can tell us where the pain is, we can feel the muscle and see the cramp.  Sometimes kneading the cramp out with Bengay helps.  We also are trying hot water bottles on the muscles, so we can increase circulation.  When it's warm, the vessels dilate and bring more blood supply to the muscle.  With the blood comes the electrolytes (potassium, sodium, calcium, chloride, bicarbonate) that may be needed.  I spoke with the nurse today about making some push to relieve her cramping.  We need to force the doctors or Dietitian or someone to help Christy.  Pain medicine is not the answer.  We have to find out what else she needs to prevent the cause of the pain.  Christy also gets muscle relaxers twice a day.  The nurse showed me the lab tests done on Monday, and their trends.  Christy has her electrolytes checked every Monday.  They were on the low side of the normal range.  They should be ok because they are in "normal" range.  Maybe Christy needs to be on the high side of normal to relieve her cramps, but we don't really know.  The nurse did not have a real "valid" reason to call for electrolyte supplementation.  Could she be dehydrated?  Her urine output would drop, and they measure that frequently.  Is she getting enough tube feeding to compensate for all of the exercise she is doing?  So I asked for the Dietitian to reevaluate her situation.  She had Christy's caloric needs as 1700 on her consultation documentation.  The every four hour feeding is giving her over 1800 calories, but I think that may not be enough.  I'm thinking that if they will not give her extra electrolytes, maybe we can get more tube feeding which supplies more calories, electrolytes, and hydration.  

Christy seems to be restless and unsettled at night when Donald is home with the kids.  Christy knows that Donald needs to be home with the kids, but I think she gets a little anxious maybe?  We were trying to figure out what would make her more comfortable.  Dr. Tan ordered Christy a sleeping pill called Ambien & that seemed to help her a little.  As long as this medication dosen't make Christy confused or agitated, it should be ok, once in a while.  The value of sleep time is vital.   Maybe an anti-anxiety medication would be good fro her the nights that Donald isn't able to sleep in the bed with her.  We have to wait for Dr. Maher to decide that.  Maybe now that Christy is out of her Coma, it would be ok to give something a little sedative.  Dr. Maher was supposed to visit Christy tonight or tomorrow.  The nurse called the resident physician for us.  The resident physician is an M.D. in training.  She mentioned the cramping and the restlessness.  The resident only suggested more massage-- we are already doing these things.  More depth of thought needs to be put into Christy's cramping & her pain needs to be a priority for them.  Liz, the nurse put in for another Dietary consult and I asked her to note that we are concerned that the amount of activity is increasing and the amount of feeding isn't.  Also mentioning the cramping Christy is experiencing.  We will see.

Christy's stoma (hole where the trach was) is closed.  They had a bandaid on it yesterday to catch any scant amount of drainage still there.  It looks fabulous!! Christy had her eyebrows and lip waxed again today!  KITV 4 is coming tomorrow to do a follow up story on Christy in the Hospital.  Christy looks beautiful as ever!! 

We have the trauma coordinator, Sally, on the case now to help get Christy to Craig.  There was a re-submission that needs to be done to HMSA.  We need to get Christy admitted to the SNF (skilled nursing facility) section of Craig hospital.  Please keep praying that Christy's insurance give her the rehab that she needs.  Pray that they remember that she is their customer and even more, a mother, a wife, a daughter and a sister! Not just a name on a paper.  Some re-evaluation may need to be done & letters drafted again for HMSA.  Christy has changed an awful lot since the beginning of the application process!  

Christy loves spending time with the kids, talking to them & having them on her bed!  It was so cute when she thanked Donald for bringing them to see her.  Thank you Danelle (Donald's sister) and Auntie Mary (Donald's Mom) for taking such good good care of the kids.  For loving them with all your hearts!  Every meal, every ride, every single day of homework, baths, bedtime, after school time.... all of it!  The support and love you give with no hesitation all this time while Donald and Christy get though this recovery period is so amazing!  Thank you.  You guys are unbelievable and your love is the real stuff!  And  don't forget the duties taken on with the fundraiser, too!

We love you Christy!


  1. Hey Gabby! Awesome news! Im glad christy is making a speedy recovery. In regards to the muscle cramping you should research on magnesium and the benefits. It not only rehidrates the muscles and tissues, it also prevents cramping and muscle fatigue. Being that she is using her muscles more she will need more of this mineral to help her. Also it will help her bowel movements to be easier and less strain. Magnesium can be administered either thru intrevenously I think thats how you spell it or orally. Magnesium thru IV are usually the easiest for her and the doctors are cool with that. Give her magnesium and you will see the cramping stop almost instantly. Magnesium is a mineral used by all the muscles in the body especially important with things liek the heart and digestive track. If they will not give her magnesium injections health food stores carry a powder form you can add to water and give her. It will help her out alot. If you need more info email me My mom is a ND PHD she always recommends this. It will not hurt her at all in fact it will take the place of sleeping pills which are bad for her liver. Magnesium pulls you into a deeper stage three sleep and allows full recovery. You can never give a person enough magnesium the only side affect is loose stool. Well hope this helps. Love you guys.. As usual give Alan Gouveia a big hug.. Alex

  2. OK I admit I noticed the ramble of words at the end but I thought maybe "carpool" and "job" were secret code or something HAHAHA...the real story is much funnier!

  3. I too was confused by your last blog.  It didn't occur to me that you were tanked but that rather I was stupid!!!LOl!  Thanks for the great laugh.  I'll bet Christy would get a kick out of that as well.  I am hoping to get a babysitter so I can go to the fundraiser.  I can get the ticket at the door right?

  4. O'k so I've always noticed the typos but figured it was the pidgin thing or growing up in HI schools. No offense, as I'm a product of HI public schools, also. I'm they typo police at my school. :)
    Gabby, we love you anyway and you give us such detailed information that whatever you say, spell or drink is fine with me.
    Take Care and have fun Saturday. Lots of love to you all. Cathi